Chandra Namaskar (3)

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose)

Associated Mantra:

  • "Aum Indave Namah"
  • Pronunciation: "Om In-dah-vay Na-mah-hay"
  • Translation:
  • Body Posture:

  • Extend the left leg backwards, pointing the toes while bending the right knee, keeping the foot flat and sinking the pelvis downward.
  • Bend backwards, looking up with the arms pointing downwards, extending the fingers toward the floor.
  • (This posture is the same as posture number 4 in the Sun Salutation, with the positions of the legs reversed. Notice also that in the Moon Salutation the Left leg is the leading leg whereas, in the Sun Salutation, it is the right leg which leads the motion. You can remember this by noting that the Moon is often associated with the left side of the body and has a 'feminine' quality whereas the right side is associated with the Sun, having a 'masculine' quality.)
  • Breathing:

  • Half-way Inhale through the nostrils (complete the inhalation in the following pose).
  • Mental Focus / Visualization:

  • Concentrate on Ajna - The 'Third Eye' Chakra.
  • Relax the pelvic area and firm the buttocks while expanding the chest, pulling the shoulders downward.
  • Specific Health Benefits:

  • Increases flexibility and strength in the legs.
  • Massages the abdominal organs.
  • Develops confidence and courage.
  • Variations:

  • You can remain in the pose for several deep breaths.

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