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YOGALAYAM / Prana Yoga Ashram
PO Box 1037
Berkeley, CA 94701 · U.S.A.
Tel: 510-655-3664 / Fax: 510-428-0762

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Prana Yoga Centres Worldwide

International Headquarters:

1717 Alcatraz Ave.
Berkeley, CA-94703
Tel: 510-655-3664 / Fax: 510-428-0762


  • Prana Yoga Centre
  • 129 West Clark St., A
    Eureka, CA-95501
    Tel & Fax: [707] 445-8368

  • Prana Yoga Centre /
  • Sivashram Yoga Retreat
    2473 Pruss Hill Rd.
    Pottstown, PA-19464
    Tel: [610] 326-4143


  • V. Deva Koumarane
  • 29, Rue Des Evenses
    A-2, Res La Chenaye
    78120, Rambouillet
    Tel: 34-85-7955


  • Prana Yoga Centre
  • Prof., V. Narayanan, BSc.
    5-1, New St. Kitchipalayam
    Salem-636015 T. Nadu
    Tel: off - 415 775 / 67627
  • PYC / S. Saravanaraj
  • 10/13 Bazullah Rd.
    T. Nagar Madras - 600 017
    Tel: 8283512
  • K.V. Ramachandran, M.A.
  • D.L.S.
    3275 / AJ.100.Anna Nagar
    Madras-600 040
    Tel: 6215787
  • S.P. Karikal Valavan
  • Andaman Murasu
    315, Aberdeen Bazar
    PO Box 29
    Port Blair, Andamans - 744 101
    Tel: 20940
  • T.S. Kalyanasundaram
  • Yogasana Alayam
    1-2 Subramaniam St.
    Mambalam West
    Madras-600 033
    Tel: 4823066


  • PYC / Prof. R.N. Veerappan
  • 110 Jalan Bangau
    Berkeley Garden
    Klang, Selangor-41150
    Tel: 03-3417906
    Fax: 03- 3428280

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