Fundamentally Disparate Ideologies

by Don Harkins

Extreme liberals, most of whom believe that the laws of natural science run the show on earth, believe that people are born to be basically decent social creatures and that we are all just one more encounter session, just one more government program and just one more tax dollar away from gushing forth with all that innate decency for all to see.
Conservatives, most of whom believe in the Bible and the teachings of Christ, believe that all people are born with a sinful nature and that the only way to be good is to struggle against their inherently sinful nature, with God's help, through lessons taught in the Bible.
For the sake of discussion, let us lump all Americans into two catagories: Conservatives and liberals. To further our sake of argument, let us agree that there are extreme conservatives and extreme liberals and that the bulk of society is comprised of more moderate citizens who tend to believe what they hear from the mouths of the the extremists within whose ideology they feel the most comfortable. There is a fundamental difference between liberalism and conservatism as recognizeable from the philosophical platform espoused by the two disparate concepts:
One philosophy demands that people share their wealth with others through the government so that the good people who have taken a left turn and gone bad can realize their goodness; the other philosophy demands that people be held accountable to their peers and to God for their actions.
One philosophy demands that we all be responsible for our own behavior through our own free will as we will someday answer for our actions before God. The other philosophy makes us all socially and financially responsible for the actions of others and enslaves us to their ill behavior.
The Bible tells us that people are sinners from birth and that on judgement day we are to be held accountable for our actions. The government tells us that people are good, then it taxes us some more to teach bad people to be good through some new government program.
When was the last time the Bible lied to you? Can you remember the last time that the government did not lie to you?
One philosophy leads to freedom on earth and eternal life in heaven. The other philosophy makes us slaves on earth to people who do not believe that there is a God, or a heaven.