New Yorkers Scrap King George for Musket Shot

written by a reporter of the time

NEW YORK CITY--A crowd of Continental soldiers and Patriots toppled the gold gilt statue of King George last night as they celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Massachusetts Militia Lieutenant Isaac Bangs stated, "Last night the statue on the Bowling Green representing George Guelph, alias George Rex, was pulled down by the populace. In it were 4,000 pounds of lead and a man undertook to take 10 ounces of gold from the superfices as both man and horse were covered with gold leaf; the lead we hear is to be run into musket balls for the use of Yankees, when it is hoped that the emanations from the leaden George will make deep impressions in the bodies of some of his red-coated and Tory subjects."
Although the Continentals in the field are sometimes plagued by a shortage of gunpowder, one would never have known it here. Salutes were fired and bonfires lit and throughout the evening and the day church bells tolled. Meanwhile, in the harbor, the great British fleet lies quietly at anchor. (July 10, 1776)

1776 - Author Unknown