For the Sake of the Children

by Patricia Neill

"For the sake of the children" is the new rallying cry of legislators and executives in every governing body across this nation. "For the sake of the children" these "representatives" who represent no one but contributors to their campaigns, wish to invade your most intimate and private spaces: Your churches, your schools, your homes, and indeed, your very bodies.
With callous disregard for their state Constitution and for basic common sense, a South Carolinian panel of lawyers in black robes decided that pregnant women who take drugs are "abusing their fetuses" and must get dragged off to prison for 10 years. It is perfectly legal to kill your fetus, but it is now not legal to "abuse" it by abusing yourself. What extreme and arrogant nonsense! All "for the sake of the children"--as if this will excuse every execrable and ludicrous piece of legislation.
"For the sake of the children" these witless wonders who smugly consider themselves morally sound wish to license parenthood itself. Children begotten by unlicensed parents will be nabbed and tossed into orphanages where they will no doubt receive the tender loving care of bureaucrats who have done so well by us in other arenas.
"For the sake of the children" these ignorant and foolish politicians write laws that take kids out of their homes and sling them into foster homes, disrupting their families and no doubt confusing the hell of the kids themselves. There are no doubt cases of child abuse, but canít we handle them sensibly? We are now hearing more and more cases where the kids are abused in the foster homes--and a solution that is as bad or worse than the problem is NOT a solution. It is merely another problem. And since our elite tend to consider even looking cross-eyed at a child "abuse" it is getting progressively more and more difficult to keep the sticky fingers of the State off of our children.
"For the sake of the children" 59 little girls underwent a forced gynecological exam at their school. Some of them said "NO!" to the exam, but were forced to undergo the ordeal anyway. They were not allowed to call their parents and were not allowed to leave. The entire educational apparatus put out reams of blather about how these exams were all for "for the sake of the children." Apparently, the State wants to be able to shove its nose and its fingers into every crevice of the body politic, including that of 11-year-old girls.
"For the sake of the children" an irate mother who slapped her screaming tantrumming two-year old was arrested, jailed, and held on $20,000 bail. Iím sure no burglar, rapist, or random murderer got that kind of bail. Does this make sense to anyone? It sure doesnít to me.
Lest any mentally-challenged person take this wrong, this is not an argument for child abuse. Children need both love and discipline, and without either one of those essential things our kids end up on hard roads to nowhere fast. We can easily see that. Our capacity to love may still be intact, but our power to discipline has been taken out of our hands by pseudo-well-meaning fakers.
"For the sake of the children" the media, the bought and paid for propaganda writers for the foundations, bureaucrats and politicians, are making raids and forays into our most private lives. Dangerous and strikingly stupid legislation is furiously being written and will no doubt be passed by these mountebanks who pretend to represent us.
Licensing parents? Sounds like Red China, doesnít it? To tell the truth, it is getting harder to tell the difference between Red China and America. Both countries have sent tanks against their citizens. Both governments are decidedly pro-abortion, even when a probable majority of their citizens are not. Both countries are repressive to individual freedom. One major difference seems to be that Red China is honest about it, while here in America, fortunes are spent attempting to convince people that it is all "for the sake of the children."
Lastly, letís take a quick look at the people pushing this agenda: The federal government and the media. In order to "save the children," Janet Reno sent tanks to lob flammable CS gas into a church, thus ensuring the death by fire of most everyone inside, including the 17 children. The media, on cue for its FBI handlers, cheered, applauded, and immediately launched its TV MOVIE about the event, which was complete with sensationalist lies.
At Ruby Ridge, a US Marshal shot a 14-year-old boy in the back as he was running away and killed him. An FBI sharpshooter shot a woman with a baby in her arms and killed her. The media had been busy telling us all along that these people deserved to die for their beliefs. This is America, circa 1992.
These are the people who wish to pass unaccountable, unconstitutional, and unbelievably moronic laws "for the sake of the children"--these same people who killed the children at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and no doubt other places as well. They donít mind killing children, just so long as it "saves" them.
Saves them for what, Janet? Have you answered that question to your own satisfaction yet? You sure havenít answered it to mine.
These people, media and politicians alike, are not merely smugly self-righteous idiots. They are also dangerous. The next time you hear "for the sake of the children," BEWARE. By this hypocritical slogan they mean to control you and your children. I say this: For our sake, and the sake of our children, we need to put these hypocritical liars out of business. For our sake, and the sake of our children, these power-hungry illogical insectoids need to be (figuratively) hamstrung, gelded, and put out to pasture.
LEAVE US AND OUR KIDS ALONE. Come on, America. Use what backbone you have left and draw that line in the sand--if not for yourself, for the sake of your innocent children.

© 1997 Patricia Neill