Retired national security expert is touring the nation to alert our people that the "War on Terrorism" is really the "War on American Civil Liberties"

Dr. Bob Bowman

Sunday, June 24, 2007 6:30 PM

Templin’s Resort,

414 E. 1st Ave., Post Falls

Admission: $10/person; $15/couple

Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, USAF (ret.) is on a national "Patriot Tour" of 137 cities calling on Americans to "Take back America" for our people and demand that government servants

Follow the Constitution

Honor the Truth and

Serve the People

Imagine what a difference that would make:

No more imperial presidency.

No more undeclared wars of aggression.

No more spying on the American people.

No more jailing of dissidents.

No more corporations importing and exploiting millions of illegal immigrants to drive down wages.

No more exporting of jobs.

No more NAFTA. No more North America Union. No more government lies, false-flag attacks, and cover-ups.

No more corporate welfare.

No more health plans written by insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. No more energy policies written by Exxon and Enron.

No more trillions in debt.

Most importantly, no more using our sons and daughters to kill Arabs for the oil companies. Let's take back America!

Sponsored by The 9/11 Visibility Project of Idaho (208) 263-3322

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