The Artificially Sweetened Times

  The Artificially Sweetened Times is a special edition, 8 ˝" x 11", 24 page booklet designed to educate the public on the artificial sweeteners aspartame and neotame. Topics covered include:

  • a timeline of aspartame’s discovery and the politics surrounding its approval
  • what we know about aspartame from scientific safety studies
  • what we know about the biological/physical effects of consuming aspartame
  • the history of refined sugar(s) and its link to slavery
  • excerpts from an aspartame Material Safety Data Sheet
  • real life stories of the devastating effects of aspartame poisoning
  • resources for further research and networking
  • guidelines for activism


You can view the entire text of The Artificially Sweetened Times on the internet at the following web link: asptimes.pdf

Sample copies $2 each