From the April 2010 Idaho Observer:

Idaho Freedom Initiatives

“Christopher Bass is the brilliant author of the 17 initiatives that have been filed in Idaho and are now collecting signatures to get on the November ballot,” wrote Dr. Rex Rammell, republican Idaho native running for governor against incumbent C.L. “Butch” Otter. Dr. Rammell is pro-sound money, pro-freedom, and pro-taking back control of 33 million acres in Idaho currently “owned” by the federal government. He supports elimination of - the Department of Education, “no child left behind,” and state income tax. He alsoplans to balance Idaho’s budget by trimming off dead weight and by working with farmers, ranchers and loggers to protect Idaho’s resources while using them. If Idaho can become self sufficient, other states will look at us and follow suit, he said. “We will show the U.S. how a proper state government is to be run.”

by Chris Bass

We the People have both rights and power, but with them come responsibility. It is every citizen’s responsibility to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We clearly see that the Federal Government will not regulate itself and we cannot delegate our responsibilities to our State Government.

We the People must take up the fight or suffer the consequences of inaction.

We the People must come together and let our voice be heard loud and clear above the shrieks and whispers of the special interests and lobbyists. It is our duty and privilege to make our will known to those who represent us so that they have the support and courage to do the right thing.

The Idaho State Constitution has a provision for direct action by We the People. It is the Ballot Initiative, which allows We the People to directly enact legislation, to make our will the law of the land. It sends a clear message to the Legislators, the Governor and the Nation about what We the People of Idaho demand of our elected officials.

The deadline is April 26. Go to Download the initiatives and gather the needed signatures to put these initiatives on the November ballot.

Initiatives with an asterisk * set forth prohibitions, create penalties, nullify federal law, and/or permit severability.

  • Initiative A. Health Insurance Freedom Act. Prohibits federal regulation or mandates of state specific health insurance plans.*
  • Initiative B. Health Care Freedom Act. Protects individuals’ or groups’ right to purchase health care services without penalty and prevents a federal or state mandate to purchase health insurance. Authorizes individuals or entities to determine whether they wish to purchase health care or not, allowing direct payment for health care services without penalty.*
  • Initiative C. Act Prohibiting Regulation of Nontoxic Greenhouse Gases. Prohibits regulation of nontoxic greenhouse gasses and repeals existing executive order to reduce carbon emissions. Prohibits new regulations regarding nontoxic greenhouse gas emissions, repealing any executive orders to direct the state to reduce nontoxic greenhouse gas emissions.*
  • Initiative D. Informed Jury Act. Establishes that juries have the right to determine both the facts and the law based on their understanding of the clear meaning of the law and prohibits judges from requiring that juries be bound by the judge’s interpretation of the law.
  • Initiative E. Sheriff First Act. Establishes that the sheriff can enforce state sovereignty by requiring federal officials seek sheriff approval of arrests and searches; that the Sheriff may prohibit a federal employee who is not designated by Idaho law as an Idaho peace officer from making an arrest, search, or seizure in this state without the written permission of the Sheriff or his designee. Provides for certain arrests to be made by federal employees or officers with the written consent of the Attorney General removing discretion from County Prosecutors.*
  • Initiative F. State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act. Establishes an escrow account to allow the state to control the flow of tax money to the federal government, with provision for such funds to be withheld if state sovereignty is violated. Establishes a federal tax escrow account to provide that monies collected by the state are paid into the account; provides that should the federal government act toward the state of Idaho in a manner deemed unconstitutional by the Idaho Legislature, the treasurer withhold a certain portion of the funds due. Sets forth management of the account, preserving Idaho’s sovereignty, defining applicability and conflicts of laws.*
  • Initiative G. Protection from Unlawful IRS Prosecutions and Seizures Act. Requires documentation of the authority of the United States to collect personal income taxes and prevents unlawful seizures; and that the attorney general shall issue an opinion finding if the U.S. does have lawful authority to mandate personal income tax. The attorney general may issue a certificate to taxability removing federal government authority to enforce the individual income tax in Idaho.
  • Initiative H. Constitutional Government Act. Establishes that the federal government must cite the constitutional authority for any law or be nullified by the state. Every bill, act, ordinance, resolution or rule adopted or enacted by a legislative or executive body, or the people, shall include the citation of the express language from the federal or state constitution that provides the specific authority for the provisions in the bill, act, ordinance, resolution or rule. Further, any federal law, rule, or order that violates the provisions of this act would be declared invalid in. Creates a registry of nullified laws.
  • Initiative I. Firearms Freedom Act. Idaho manufactured firearms and ammunition that remain in Idaho are not subject to federal regulation. Provides that any personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is manufactured in Idaho and remains within the borders of Idaho is not subject to federal law or regulation under the authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. Requires made in Idaho to be stamped.*
  • Initiative J. Right to Protection Act. Prohibits any agency from confiscating or tracking lawfully owned firearms. No federal government agency, state governmental agency, local government, special district, or other political subdivision or official, agent, or employee of such federal, state or other governmental entity shall knowingly and willfully keep or cause to be kept any list, record, or registry of privately owned firearms or the owners of those firearms. Provides for the destruction of records.*
  • Initiative K. Land Use and Zoning Reform Act. Restricts rezoning of land use without landowner’s consent unless just compensation is made. Restricts changes in zoning, land use, and other new restrictions on the use of private property, unless the owner is harming one or more people or there is an unusually compelling public benefit to such restrictions.*
  • Initiative L. Vaccination Choice Protection Act. Prohibits forced vaccinations. Establishes that no competent person shall be vaccinated without his or her consent; individuals who are not competent shall have written permission by a person having authority; no competent person can be threatened or coerced in any way to accept a vaccination.
  • Initiative M. Honest and Secure Money Act. Establishes a private security exchange based on gold, silver, or other hard assets. Creates a private nongovernmental entity with the ability to oversee the issuance of non-interest-bearing financial instruments that circulate as money, similar to private reserve banks. Creates a private currency exchange based upon silver and gold and provides a transition to gold and silver coins.*
  • Initiative N. Act Prohibiting Municipality Membership in ICLEI and Other Such Organizations. Prohibits Counties and cities from providing funding to certain international governmental organizations such as ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, entities established by the United Nations or any entity whose purpose is to undermine the sovereignty of the United States and restrict the natural rights of people; authorizes civil suits against counties and cities that violate this section.*
  • Initiative O. Bring Home the Guard Act. Requires a Declaration of War by the US Congress to exist before Idaho National Guard troops are deployed internationally. Authorizes the Governor to bring members of the Idaho National Guard home from international deployment; exempts Idaho National Guard from deployments absent an explicit authorization for use of military force or a declaration of war by the U.S. Congress.*
  • Initiative P. Presidential Citizenship Act. Required Proof of Citizenship as required under Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution before Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates can be placed on the Idaho ballot. The Secretary of State shall not certify any of the candidates without affirmative proof that the candidates are eligible.
  • Initiative Q. Midwife Freedom Act. Removes the penalty for practicing midwifery without a license in Idaho.

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