From the April 2010 Idaho Observer:

The purpose of the 2010 Census: REAL ID and the inventory of America’s assets

After going to press last month, several articles were posted to the internet that addressed the 2010 Census. Thankfully, many of these independent researchers connected the dots regarding the surreal nature of the 2010 U.S.Census.

Al Whitney wrote an article on March 22, 2010, “The Census and its ‘other’ agenda”, about the importance of the ‘infernal’ barcode to “the corporation called the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE who is conducting the 2010 census.” It is worth noting that instructions making sure the bar code appears above your address on the return envelope are bolded and capitalized. Whitney reminds us that the only purpose of the census should be to count the number of people in a geographical location for representation purposes, so the claim that “[t]he amount of government money your neighborhood receives also depends on these answers” and that this money will be used for “services for children and the elderly, roads, and many other local needs,” is an absolute lie. Whitney writes, “The U.S. Constitution never authorized USA CORP to provide services for our children, our elderly or other ‘local’ needs. Considering the national deficit and the horrific state of the U.S. economy, it is unlikely they have ’spare change’ to do anything benevolent whatsoever.”

Even if the federal government were to nationalize (steal) every bit of wealth accumulated by its citizens, the government would still be bankrupt.

“The census (and the all important bar code) allows for an ‘inventory’ to be taken of us (our addresses, names, ages and races) and entered into a electronic data base under the jurisdiction of international commercial (Admiralty) law. [Admiralty law versus constitutional law is brilliantly explained in the critically important book: They Own it All, Including You! The 2010 census (and bar code) represents a back door entry for the implementation of a National ID. This year’s census allows USA CORP to take a demographic ‘reading’ of the entire population (including illegal aliens) as well. ‘Coincidentally’ it is being done at the same time national health care legislation is being passed.

“Meanwhile, under the radar of almost everyone, is the implementation of the Red Flag Rules. These rules are being enacted to ‘prevent identify theft’ and apply to these industries: healthcare, banks, telecommunications, utilities, car dealerships, and mortgage brokers. These rules have been instituted by the Federal Trade Commission and are expected to be in force by June 1, 2010. When you combine:

  • Electronic medical records [I just saw a physician this month. There was no paper chart in the room, and he typed his progress notes directly into his ‘networked’ computer, which was in the exam room.]
  • Home address, race and age verification (census)
  • Social Security number
  • Credit card/banking account/mortgage
  • Telecommunication information
  • Automobile purchases
  • Utility services

you have all the information necessary to complete a data base for a national ID. Then when you justify all this data mining and electronic info storage as a ‘preventative measure’ for identity theft, the groundwork is laid for implantable microchip IDs. In actuality Microsoft’s HealthVault has already linked up with VeriMed’s RFID chips.”

So the fix is in. The concern for most of us will be how to avoid being assaulted and controlled by implanted microchip identifiers. However, many people are already micro-chipped through surgeries or other invasive medical procedures and don’t know it. Many parents are shocked to find out their newborns were chipped while in the hospital… What will become apparent soon enough is who is NOT already chipped and how many of us still have the wherewithal to oppose the final stages of this Orwellian agenda.

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