From the April 2010 Idaho Observer:

9/11 Justice “Triple Threat” Spring Campaign

Don Meserlian who founded the Citizens’ Campaign for a Grand Jury Investigation has sent three letters to demand that New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and the Caldwell, New Jersey mayor and New Jersey attorney general obey the law or be subject to a 7-year jail term and fined. Meserlian, a professional engineer in both New Jersey and New York and the director of Voices of Safety Intl. (VOSI)1, has researched the destruction of the three World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001 and cited the evidence of controlled demolitions used that day in his 9/11 Truth Proclamation2 that was also sent with the three letters.

Meserlian is citing U.S. Code chapter 18, chapter 115, sections 2381 – Treason, and 2382 – Misprision of Treason. In his letters he notes that the above two sections of U.S. Code requires that the public officials receiving the letters are required to take action based on the indisputable evidence provided. Inaction on their part would be obstruction of justice under the law.

Meserlian has asked all 9/11 truth leaders and concerned citizens in the 50 states to duplicate his efforts by also sending letters to the following three - Andrew Cuomo, their state’s attorney general and their mayor/city council/municipal court judge. Demanding that our public servants act upon the evidence and the law is the only sound method left after nearly nine years to assure that the real criminals behind the events of Sept. 11, 2001 are brought to justice through a Grand Jury Investigation.

To access the three sample action letters used in Idaho for use as a template for your state, go to:

  1. Letter to Mayor
  2. Attorney General Letter (To AG Wasden)
  3. Letter to NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

  1. VOSI is a standards development organization (SDO) that writes consensus standards for “Public Safety”, “Public Health” and the “Environment”.
  2. 9/11 Truth Proclamation Also in June 2008 edition of The Idaho Observer

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