From the March 2010 Idaho Observer:

Key Scientist in Danish autism studies stole $2 million, forged documents and disappeared

-veracity of studies used to disprove vaccine/autism connection in question

The Autism Action Network reported that the key scientist involved in studies proving there was no link to thimerosal in vaccines and autism has forged documents and absconded with $2 Million.

Autism Action Network’s March 6 press release:

Poul Thorsen, MD PhD, headed up a research unit at Aarhus University that was hired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare a series of studies that would exonerate thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative and adjuvant used in vaccines, and the MMR vaccine from any role in causing autism. The veracity of the two studies he co-authored is now in doubt.

These studies formed the foundation for the conclusions of several Institute of Medicine reports that claimed that it was highly unlikely that thimerosal or MMR were implicated in autism.

In a statement Aarhus University officials said that believe Thorsen forged documents supposedly from the CDC to obtain the release of $2 million from the University. Thorsen resigned abruptly in March 2009 and left Denmark. Since then Thorsen has held several jobs in the US, first at Emory University in Atlanta and then at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Documents show Thorsen was also employed at Drexel as late as January 22, 2010. Any reference to Poulsen has now been deleted from the Drexel website.

Investigations also revealed that while employed full-time for the University of Aarhus in Denmark, Thorsen simultaneously held a fulltime position at Emory University in Atlanta, and drew salaries from both Universities despite a contract with Aarhus forbidding outside employment, according to the statement from Aarhus University.

Thorsen is the lynchpin in the series of studies used to dismiss concerns about thimerosal and MMR causing autism.

The Copenhagen Post online reported that the scientist has possibly committed fraud to the value of 10 million kroner against several of the University’s research partners. Autism advocacy groups have published extensive analyses of Thorsen's studies and found many problems in methods, assumptions and conclusions that are supported by the data.

The studies Thorsen took part in and that are now in doubt are:

  1. “Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data”, Pediatrics. 2003 Sep;112(3 Pt 1):604-6.
  2. “A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism”, N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82.

The above studies are among the main studies cited by the CDC, American Association of Pediatrics, and public health officials as definitive proof that there is no link between the increase recommended childhood vaccines and the coinciding exponential increase in autism spectrum disorders.

What will it take for We The People to wake up and realize that vaccines could be the reason why autism is on the increase?

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