From the February 2010 Idaho Observer:

G-Man in Jeopardy

Former FBI special agent and U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Richard Taus is no stranger to conspiracy. During the Vietnam war he witnessed CIA drug-trafficking and other criminal activities and as a special agent he uncovered criminal operations and activites involving the Mafia, other crime groups, U.S. politicians, government agencies, and businesses.

His first experience with a cover up came during one of his two tours in Vietnam. Then a CPT., Taus was flying a helicopter mission when he heard the distress call from the pilot of an Air America C-46 as it was about to make a crash landing. Not knowing that Air America was the CIA airline from Indochina, he arrived at the scene and offered to fly the unharmed pilots back to their base. The crew refused to leave the crash site and it became obvious why; the payload was 4,000 pounds of heroin.

As a special agent in the FBI's New York Field Office, Taus was part of investigations on high profile criminals such as Donnie Brasco and Mafia Godfather Paul Castellan. During this time he became increasingly aware of many criminal activities including the secret funding and arming of Iraq during the Reagan-Bush administrations (Irangate and Iraqgate), and unlawful CIA operations involving covert domestic money laundering, drug trafficking and weapons sales among many others.

When it came time for Taus to file his biannual "Acknowledgement Form" to the Senate and House Intelligence Oversight Committees stating that he knew of no unreported crimes, he could not. Taus appealed to his field office supervisors, and to FBI headquarters to no avail. When he finally notified the Senate and House Intell Committees, whose members themselves were involved in criminal activity, fallacious trumped up charges were brought against him.

Taus was jailed on a misuse of government credit card charge for a nine dollar gas purchase during an official investigation. His bail was set at $1 Million while other more damaging charges could be manufactured.

Because George Bush Sr. was implicated in Taus' investigations, and also running for president at the time, the agency he once worked for fabricated sexual allegations that, one week before the elections, would put him away for up to 90 years.

Richard Taus's entire story is told in the 650 page book "FBI, CIA, the Mob and Treachery" written by Rodney Stich. Portions of the book can be downloaded at or the full version purchased at

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