From the February 2010 Idaho Observer:

The Rockefeller Foundation: Fingers in Every Pie

Formation of the Rockefeller Foundation “Crossroad of U.S. History”

The year 1913 is becoming recognized as a turning point in American history.

Four critical events occurred: The creation of: The Federal Reserve System; The Rockefeller Foundation; The Internal Revenue Service; and Direct Election of Senators. These quietly took control of money away from Congress and put it into hands of private interests, in violation of the united States Constitution. The Federal Reserve System was established with a structure around the 12 major monetary areas in the country. These monetary regions gave indication for possibility of later dividing the nation into “administrative” regions.

1. THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. Two days before Christmas, December 23, 1913, the final vote by Congress to establish the FED bill took place when many Congressmen were absent. This Act established a privately owned fractional reserve central bank of money issue, organized for private profit and independent of our government. The Federal Reserve Act constitutes the greatest money fraud in history and was destined to erode the power of government and falsely regulate the value and supply of money.

2. THE GRADUATED INCOME TAX. The sixteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution provided the means to socialize the nation’s economy, finance wars, and provide for so-called “foreign aid.” Foreign aid has advanced the socialistic government concept in other countries and has provided enormous profit to the Syndicate of bankers. This is the second plank in, “The Communist Manifesto.”

3. TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS. Protected reservoirs of financial power were established by the Syndicate to enable them to escape the oppressive income taxes which they impose on the American people. Tax-free money from Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Stern, Guggenhiem Foundations and others funnel financial support to radical, revolutionary groups at home and abroad.

4. DIRECT ELECTION OF SENATORS. This move was taken to bypass original balances of power in Congress to make election of Senators a political football.

Oregon State University

Two days before Christmas, December 23, 1971, a half million dollar grant was given to Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, by the Rockefeller Foundation. The grant was to support research and graduate studies on “Man and His Activities as They Relate to Environmental Quality.” The project was code numbered, “RF 71079.” This number interprets to read: “Rockefeller Foundation 1971 to 1979.” It gave a final push to completion of plans for the complete computerization of all elements of human life in Oregon by passage of SB 100 to create the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC). It involved all the facilities of Oregon State University in developing a computer simulation model of Oregon, as well as using OSU as the planning center for the Western States and part of British Columbia, Canada. The first part of the project centered around developing a computer “model” of Oregon, especially the Willamette Valley. The second project concerned quality of life in Oregon, with a study of the effects of politics, laws and economics on family and social life. This evaluation included impact of divorce, abortion, and programming the population to accept euthanasia. The third project dealt with the human area of man and environmental relations. This included actual slow-downs in shipments between Eastern Oregon and the coast, to create artificial shortages for the purpose of testing impacts on losses or profits. Behavior of the system of Oregon was then monitored through the OSU computer system, to check sensitivity of the system’s responses. Time span of the computer program is based on a 40-year period, from 1970 to the year 2010. Success in establishing the Rockefeller project was partly credited to: “a liaison position created to facilitate the user involvement, providing the grease for the implementation wheels.”

Public Citizen

Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971 to advocate for the public interest before all three branches of the Federal Government, Public Citizen stood for years for curbing the impact of corporate power on America, for robust corporate accountability, and for strong government regulation.

Those days have changed. Nader resigned in 1980, replaced first by Joan Claybrook and now by Robert Weissman, former editor of Multinational Monitor magazine. In its January/February 2010 Public Citizen News, the organization declared who its supporters are: Among 22 foundations supporting Public Citizen are the Educational Foundation of America, the Energy Foundation, the Equal Justice Works, the Ford Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

The News adamantly supported the United Nations Climate Change Agenda, calling for “Lawmakers to Take Quick Assertive Action” on the “Climate Change Crisis” and announcing that “After Copenhagen, the U.S. still needs effective climate policy.” In addition, Public Citizen supports government takeover of health care, claiming it “fights for what people want: a medicare-for-all, single-payer health care system,” when it is actually turning a deaf ear to the wishes of over half the American people as well as good science in the same manner as UN puppet Barack Obama.

Apparently Public Citizen has not been reading the news lately, or it would know that the “climate change” advocates are heading for the courtroom under numerous accusations of fraud. But if one is supported by Rockefeller, reality and truth must simply be inconsequential.

The information above was compiled from the book, Rockefeller Regionalism, the Shadow Behind Oregon’s LCDC, by Joe Spenner, and the Public Citizen News.

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