From the February 2010 Idaho Observer:

Letter to 1100 State Legislators - Sound Money Bill

by Devvy Kidd

“Money is the most important subject intellectual persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and its defects remedied very soon.” Robert H. Hemphill, former credit manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

On January 18, 2010, I sent a letter to 1100 state representatives and senators. The issue of the states establishing a parallel monetary system apart from the unconstitutional Federal Reserve is paramount and one of extreme urgency. As I write this column, the news headlines state, “The Democratic-controlled Senate has muscled through a plan to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt.” Obama/Soetoro has announced “his” new budget at an insane $3.8 TRILLION “dollars.”

The people’s treasury is overdrawn $12.2 TRILLION “dollars” in paper money. You, me, our children and grand children each now “owe” roughly $112,998.00 in debt run up by one Congress after another. This is UNSUSTAINABLE. Mark my words: Another massive financial tsunami is picking up speed. The numbers don’t lie.

Some of this “money” is funneled back to the States of the Union. The states then dole it out for expenditures like education. But, citizens in all 50 states pay either a state income tax or, for those states that have no state personal income tax, revenues are raised through sales tax, property taxes, state gasoline taxes and so forth.

The Letter: Imperative States of the Union Pass Sound Money Bills for Financial Survival, Jan. 18, 2010

Dear Representative or Senator:

This letter is being sent to 1,100 state representatives and senators who either supported and/or voted (if given the opportunity) for a Tenth Amendment Resolution in their legislature during 2009. Millions of Americans salute you for taking this step in reclaiming the sovereignty of your state.

It is no secret dozens of states of the Union are in dire financial straits. Tragically, more financial melt down is on the way. The numbers don’t lie and it spells serious, serious trouble for the states in meeting their financial obligations. You can only tax the citizenry so far, and with the “perfect storm” building, what is going to happen if the states can’t pay their bills?

What about the $2 TRILLION dollar public pension deficit staring the states square in the face? We know what happened with California last year. They issued IOUs and are still facing billions in short falls.

The dollar continues to get hammered. Americans are very worried, as they should be, that we are going to see inflation gobble up what’s left of their paychecks after the increased fleecing in withholding taxes to pay for the monstrous debt created by Congress. As the people continue to go broke, tax revenues dry up and the short fall grows exponentially.

The people’s purse (the U.S. Treasury) is empty and overdrawn $12.2 TRILLION dollars, yet these mad men and women in Washington, DC continue to spend borrowed money (debt).

$800 MILLION dollars a week paid to communist China for just the interest on the money “we” owe them for hundreds of billions in toxic paper. The U.S. government must beg around the globe to borrow $30 BILLION dollars a week to pay debts owed, while they write more hot checks every day. I have been a full time activist to restore America to a constitutional republic for twenty years. What I have seen over the past two years is breathtaking in scope and criminal to boot.

As Dr. Edwin Vieira, said in part during his expert testimony, March 12, 2009, HouseBill 639, State of Montana:

“This legislation provides the citizens of Montana with the option of conducting their financial transactions with their State government on the basis of an alternative currency consisting of gold and silver, rather than Federal Reserve Notes. It establishes a mechanism through which—to the degree the State and her citizens deem prudent—the State can separate her own financial transactions from the Federal Reserve System; and, eventually, based upon the State’s action, Montana’s private economy as a whole can move away from dependence on the Federal Reserve System, too.

“This proposal is not a partisan issue, because everyone’s most vital interests are equally at stake here.

“The provision of an alternative currency consisting of gold and silver will engender economic stability. It will return to Montanans the ability to save real wealth in the form of money that does not systematically depreciate in purchasing power, and with that the further capability to plan and prepare rationally for their economic futures.

“The provision of an alternative currency will promote social justice. It will begin to rectify the wrongs perpetrated against wage earners whose standards of living cannot keep up with the systematic inflation built into the Federal Reserve System; against the elderly and infirm who live on fixed incomes that steadily erode in purchasing power; against those anxiously approaching retirement while watching the real values of their pension funds evaporate; against the poor whose only wealth is the small amount of currency they acquire from week to week; and against all the recipients of essential public services that the State finds it difficult or even impossible to provide to the requisite degree because the real values of tax revenues cannot keep pace with costs.

“And, The provision of an alternative currency will fulfill the State’s legal, moral, and political responsibility to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of her people against an economic calamity that no one doubts confronts this country at the present time.”

We the people are asking every state legislature possible to get a sound money bill introduced and passed before it’s too late. I have set up a very simple web site in an effort to assist legislators in educating their colleagues that an alternative currency system is the only way for your state to stop being the victim of fiat paper. Stop being the victim of a banking system that creates inflation and allows Congress to continue their insane spending spree by continued borrowing while charging we the people massive interest on the debt.

There is “no one size fits all”. Each bill will have to be written to conform to state statutes. I urge you to visit this site:


Devvy Kidd
Board of Directors
Committees of Safety:
Supporting state legislators in performing their most vital, constitutional duties

Now, it’s up to you

Contact your state representatives and senators today and everyday until this gets done. Make a copy of the letter and include it with yours and snail mail it. Pile up their desks with this issue. State legislatures must see what the rest of the world can see: Sticking with Federal Reserve Notes is a sure fire recipe for financial collapse. The FDIC, whose own coffers are empty, have seized 15 banks in the first week of February alone.

Let your state legislator know that the financial survival of your state rests upon getting a bill through the legislature and signed into law before they go out of session (many states will close for the year as early as May). Let them know you stand by them and will lend your full support to this effort.

Our national sovereignty is unique, as is our currency to our republic. If we don’t return to an honest monetary system, we will end up getting destroyed by a resurrected, diabolical replacement called “Carbon Currency.”

Devvy Kidd, Investigative Journalist

P.O. Box 1102
Big Spring, Texas 79721 /

For the complete article and links to the list of state legislators who received the letter; an attachment from Constitutional Attorney, Larry Becraft, as to how the banks have been “authorized” to cook the books; Memorandum of Law - The Money Issue; The Mint And Coinage Acts Of The United States, by Charles Weisman; and A Practical Guide to Gold Clauses by Dr. Edwin Vieira, go to:

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