From the February 2010 Idaho Observer:

Dr. Strangeloves from around the world gather to promote Geo-engineering…weather modification, chemtrails and global dimming

by Mauro Olivera

Geo-Engineering (GE) is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems. Industrial-sized GE projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation like ocean iron fertilization, to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED dangerous experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING (chemical spraying).

For over a decade, the mainstream media has ignored GE, while the U.S. military has feverishly deployed a wide range of GE advanced weapons technology (beyond weather modification). Geo-engineering scientists met in Copenhagen in September, whereas at the Copenhagen Summit, GE talk was limited to political talking heads referring to “many technological fixes” available to fight “climate change.”

The deployment of dangerous GE is already years underway. Extremely high quantities of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other metals and chemicals are showing up in lab tests of rainwater. In just the last four years, citizens in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Oregon have taken dozens of tests where the levels of aluminum have escalated hundreds of times.

Some tests of single rain events had elevated levels of aluminum of nearly 50,000% from the original high level of 7 ppb. These tests correspond with the state of California’s own test results as discovered and published by California Skywatch. All tests conformed to testing procedures provided by Basic Lab, a state certified lab.

Available data from other tests indicates that these metals are showing up across the U.S. and all NATO countries. The metals found match the primary elements listed in a host of “geo-engineering patents”. Patents assigned to Hughes Aircraft, Dept. of Defense, Raytheon, and others describe the specific goal of creating artificial cloud cover, and other forms of weather/climate modification.

The California Air Quality Resources Board has studied aerosols migrating from China and the rainwater metals matching the patents are not present in air approaching our continent.

Recent soils testing and analysis now indicate that soil pH’s are now changing tremendously. A number of studies state conclusively that bio-available aluminum is highly detrimental to countless organisms, including conifers. In the last four years, large and mature firs have died or have begun dying, even in riparian areas where they never lack water. In the same four years in California, alarming declines in amphibians have also been observed.

The mountain of nationwide test data collected by concerned citizens reveals dangerous levels of aluminum, barium and other contaminants have saturated most surface waters in much of the United States. Frustrated citizens submitting these tests have been ignored by government officials and mainstream media.

For better or worse, the media is now focused on the idea of “last resort”, (Geo-Engineering). The New York Times, LA Times, National Geographic, MSNBC and others have recently run stories on the science and the controversy.

The reason for big-media’s newfound interest in GE is clear. World governments, led by the U.S., have agreed to begin full-scale experimentation. It is imperative that this plan becomes visible to everyone in every nation. The enormous risk and uncertainty, expressed by many of the GE scientists themselves, sounds the alarm in all who are paying attention. Activists, labor, students...everyone, should feel a call to stand up during this moment in history. It is time to take decisive action.

Geo-Engineering scientists from all over the world will be meeting in San Diego at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting from February 18-22, 2010. One presentation entitled “Can Geo-engineering Save Us from Global Warming?” will be taking place on Saturday, February 20, 8:30 - 11:30 am in room 6F at the San Diego Convention Center.

These scientists have already declared that controlling the atmosphere/climate is necessary as a “back-up” plan to inaction by governments and the private sector to reduce green-house gas emissions. We must declare they neither have the right nor the knowledge to tamper with the very foundation of our existence without the consent of an educated public. We must show a strong signal of discontent through protest of their agenda, directed to the scientists, politicians and corporations seeking to further their dangerous experimentation threatening all life on the planet.

There will be a protest and press conference near the AAAS meeting. Vital protest information will be posted at along with continuing Geo-Engineering news. There is a small public park area across the street and sidewalk from Building F. Concerned citizens will be gathering there.

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