From the January 2010 Idaho Observer:

Set This Doctor Free...

I have been wrongfully convicted for three and a half years as of today. All my patients did far, far better than anticipated and many of my patients achieved clinical remission from the end-stages of terminal cancer and many patients lived much longer than expected.

For example, Mr. Kenneth Holz at 15 Mountain View Tr. Fairfield Glade, TN 38558 who was diagnosed with end-stage Leukemia at Mayo Clinic: Mr. Holz’s expected life span was ‘only’ for two-months and he was placed at the hospice care in Crossville, Tennessee. Mr. Holz heard my name by word of mouth and came to my office for a second opinion. Then Mr. Holz was treated cautiously under my care. Initially I could not give any chemo drugs, because his condition was very poor. However, my careful adjustment of his treatment prevented adverse side effects and toxicities of drugs. Eventually he got better and achieved clinical remission. He has been cancer free for eight years, has been helping others in need and has been devoted to community and church services after recovering from Leukemia.

I have been wrongfully convicted due to a lack of understanding of specialized medicine by Prosecutor McIntyre and agents.

I would like to build a cancer center for terminally ill patients but my husband took advantage of my vulnerable situation and seized more than $3.4 million dollars of my premarital funds since I have been incarcerated. Please help me to help others.

Dr.Young Moon, M.D.

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