From the January 2010 Idaho Observer:

Papa Bush confronted at Houston pizza shop...

...secret service pays visit to heckler's home as Bill O'Reilly calls for his arrest

Apparently faux news correspondent Bill O’Reilly only believes in free speech if it is delivered by a network news agency. On January 13, he called for the arrest of Greg Johnson who seized the moment at a Houston pizza shop to confront George H.W. Bush as he made a surprise lunch visit with his taxpayer funded security, the Secret Service.

On January 6, Johnson went to lunch at Fuzzy’s Pizza & Café. The first two items on the menu were enough to make him lose his appetite: President Bush’s Pizza and First Lady Barbara Bush’s Pizza. Then he noted that the back wall of the restaurant was covered with pictures of the former president and first lady, creating the impression that the owners have benefited from doing business with the Bushes. According to Johnson, “When Papa Bush frequents a business in this city it often turns into a shrine of sorts.”

When a secret service man entered the pizzeria to scope the place out, Johnson knew that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to confront George H.W. Bush with a “piece of his mind” so he went to his car and got his video camera. When Bush Sr. entered, he turned on his camera and said, “Murderous, Zionist, piece of sh-t. You won’t get your New World Order, guy. Are you happy about the millions of deaths you’re part of? People know, people are waking up to the reality of all this, Mr. Bush, you piece of sh-t.” Johnson was told his outburst was unnecessary and left with a parting “F-ck you!”

Three days later he posted his experience on YouTube, noting that his cussing out Mr. Bush was not a planned event. “It was a spur of the moment situation where I took advantage of the opportunity to vent my frustrations in the face of a mass murderer, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including our last real president John F. Kennedy.”

The following Tuesday he realized even more tax dollars were being spent when two men in suits knocked on his door. Johnson opened, but quickly closed and locked the door. More than a minute later with a video camera in hand, he opened his kitchen window to ask the Secret Service what they wanted. According to Johnson, the tough act quickly changed to kindness when the camera was introduced. The man who knocked said he was “sorry for the interruption” and began to walk away, refusing to ask questions on camera.

The next day when picking up a package from the front office of his apartment complex, Johnson noticed the same two men were seated in the clubhouse. The management told the men there has been no problems with Johnson since moving in years ago. Thankfully they left without harassing neighbors unnecessarily.

As of January 13, the day the secret service knocked on his apartment door, Johnson’s YouTube posting had been duplicated by numerous accounts and has now gone viral receiving nearly 100,000 views. The night of the Secret Service visit he posted a new video documenting that experience and the successive phone calls made to their office.

You can view the two videos at:

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