From the January 2010 Idaho Observer:

Articles of Freedom

“We hold this truth to be Self-Evident: Any action, by any branch of the Government, that is repugnant to the Constitution, is null and void.” “It is proposed that these Articles be distributed to All in the Land with the intent to draw the attention and courage of a “goodly number of millions of People” who, entitled to their Freedom and essential to Its maintenance, Arise to restore the Constitution for the United States of America.”

by Aaron Hudlemeyer

For the last three months The I.O. has covered the Continental Congress 2009 and their patriotic movement to justly restore Constitutional order to our land. Today I write about the ripening fruits of their labor and ask that special attention be given to this momentous undertaking.

As the Liberty bell is ringing in this 11th hour, a truly inspirational group of Citizens have united in historic action to implement a strategy that will untie the knots of tyranny. Continental Congress 2009 has published their Articles of Freedom replete with “remedial instructions” to Congress, the Supreme Court, the President, each of the Several States and “recommended civic actions” by the People to re-establish our Constitutional rule of law. These articles arise as a lifesaver in a sea of drowning freedom.

The 15 Articles of Freedom are: 1) Sovereignty and The Declaration of Independence; 2) Constitutional Laws and The Declaration of Independence; 3) Petition for Redress and the First Amendment; 4) Militias, Firearms and the Second Amendment; 5) Privacy and the Fourth Amendment; 6) Private Property and 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments; 7) Juries and the Seventh Amendment; 8) Income Tax and The Sixteenth Amendment; 9) Foreign Policy and the General Welfare Clause of the Preamble to the Constitution; 10) Money and Article 1 of the Constitution; 11) Public Debt and Article 1 of the Constitution; 12) War Powers and Articles 1 and 2 of the Constitution; 13) Eligibility and the Natural Born Citizen Clause of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution; 14) Illegal Immigration and the Oath of Office Clause of Article 2, Section 1, and the Faithfully Execute Clause of Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution; and 15) Ancillary Report by the Foreign Policy and General Welfare Committee Regarding the Welfare State.

The strength of these articles is undeniably derived from those individuals who recognize that the true power and authority of order comes ordained from above and works through the heart of Man, as affirmed in the articles by the addendum titled “The Assistance and Protection of Divine Providence.”

Let there be no doubt that this is the solution for restoring Constitutional order as these articles rekindle the fires of sovereignty that burn deep inside every liberty loving person on the planet; it is the same flame that drew our oppressed ancestors to these shores and the same flame that frightens tyrants around the globe. It reminds us that no transfer of power or authority is necessary, we already have it sewn into the fabric of our being. This is OUR LAND, the home of the BRAVE the land of the FREE!

“Therefore, We demand that Government immediately re-establish Constitutional Rule of Law, lest the People be forced to do so themselves; and we hereby serve notice that in the Defense of Freedom and Liberty there shall be NO COMPROMISE to which we shall ever yield.”

Deliver the Articles of Freedom to your friends along with this message: “Welcome home Lady Liberty, we’ve missed you!”

You are encouraged to download a copy from the website at but if you do not have access to the Internet or a library, please send $10.00 for a hard copy to:
   We The People Foundation
   ATTN: Request for Articles of Freedom
   2458 Ridge Road
   Quensbury, NY 12804

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