From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

Open Letter to Vice President Joe Biden

Dear Joe Biden and the Democratic Party:

Why do you keep emailing me? I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I hate ALL of you and hope you burn in hell! Let’s clear a few things up shall we? Obama is Bush with a different face. There is NO difference between ANY of you. You are ALL treasonous liars and should be shot. Did you know President Jefferson shot a man on the White House lawn for treason? Look it up!

Let’s get right to your pathetic email shall we? Last night, Obama not only continued Bush’s treasonous war against Afghanistan, and broke more of his campaign promises, he continues the lies of 9/11, which you helped commit, continues your quest for shredding our constitution (Patriot Act), illegal wire tapping, illegal search and seizure without consent, putting nuns on your terrorist watch list, and sending 30,000 more innocent, ignorant American troops to the Afghan meat grinder for what purpose? Oh that’s right, to guard the poppy fields for our very own CIA, so they can keep funding “black operations” with the billions in drug money they are cartelling! Oooops...did I spill the beans? Back to your email: Defeating Al Qaeda... is this the same Al Qaeda that has been on our government’s payroll since the 1980’s? You know, the same group we funded trained and backed against the Soviets? The same Bin Laden we armed to the hilt to keep our hands clean in your dirty little operations? Stabilizing Pakistan? Is this the same Pakistan you have “Black Water” ops conducting snatch and grabs and helping to destabilize your ally? The Taliban? Is this the same Taliban you helped create in the 90’s? You know, the Taliban you thought you could tolerate until they turned down your idea of running an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea through their country? The same Taliban/Afghanistan you had 50,000 American troops lined up to invade months BEFORE 9/11?

Sorry Mr. Biden, I believe you have your facts, or lack of, completely… well, you are just a treasonous liar! Do you know what happens to people convicted of treason? Do you know what happens when the American people rise up against your New World Order and teach you a lesson we taught you over 200 years ago? Interesting how history repeats itself isn’t it? Want my gun? Come and get it! –

Denny LeMaster (American Patriot) something you’ll NEVER be!

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