From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

Remember the Tea Party

ďFor every action there is a reaction.Ē Remember the Boston Tea Party. We were angry! The British had gone too far!

Then came the Coercive Acts. They were aimed at punishing the Colonies for the Tea Party. One of the acts of the Coercive Acts was to give officials the authority to send a person to Great Britain for trial. This angered the colonists.

Now our government has done the same to our Tea Party. If anyone tries to stand up against the tyranny of our government they are labeled as a terrorist. What happened to our Country? Why have we as a people become so weak that we canít stand up for whatís right, America? Remember the past before it becomes our future. Get involved in our government and stand up against the real terrorists, the one who are striping of our our rights. React Now.

Godís peace,
James D. Booth 749717
MSP P.O. Box 256
Mt. Vernon, GA 30445

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