From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

Calling all hearts

Dear I.O. readers, prisoners, and penpals:

In the last three months since Don’s passing, we have put out several requests on the "Razorwire" page for help with prisoner correspondence. Here at the I.O. office, those of us who have been left behind have discovered that we don’t even know what to do with most of it - three file drawers from 2009 alone.

We are not well versed in legal matters like Don Harkins was, and the demands of the newspaper on us individually has increased at least three-fold. It is amazing how much Don was able to do and how big of a hole he has left. We are doing the best we can to catch up on correspondence but if we seem slow this is why.

Therefore, if you have legal expertise, access to the internet, a heart to help in a spiritually rewarding way and like to write letters—many prisoners are incarcerated under false pretenses for political reasons—call, write or email us at the I.O. and volunteer your services on their behalf.

To the prisoners: We are praying while putting out the word for someone to step forward who has knowledge in legal matters and a desire to write letters but, until that happens, we beseech you not to send any legal files. As always, we are happy to print your Letters to the Editor (preferably under 500 words) and will continue to write you as we have time.

No Matter What,
Anne Wilder Chamberlain and
Ingri Cassel

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