From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

...Since 9/11

by Kevin Barrett

Since when did warmonger presidents start getting Nobel Peace Prizes? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did America start staging Stalinist show trials? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did American public universities blacklist people like Steven Jones and myself for pursuing “subversive” research? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did the USA wage multiple simultaneous wars of naked aggression, in defiance of international law?...Since 9/11.

Since when did the international banksters think they could openly steal $26 trillion from the taxpayers and get away with it? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did extremist Israeli Likudniks gain a complete lock over all three branches of the formerly American government? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did the US government decide it could ignore the 4th Amendment prohibition of searches and seizures without a warrant? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did the NSA decide its job was to spy on Americans? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did Americans start torturing people as a matter of public policy, and using the false confessions extracted by torture in Stalinist show trials? ...Since 9/11.

Since when did YOU decide you were going to put up with all this, instead of doing what the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine are doing and actually fighting back?

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