From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

A Washington Delegate’s first-hand account of Continental Congress 2009

by Darin Eric Stevens

Upon arrival at Continental Congress 2009 (CC2009), the first thing I did was seek out the chambers where we would be spending the next 11 days as a congress. Walking into the room, I took a deep breath as I looked around to see all the state flags that were strung up under the surrounding balcony. There was a high level of excitement in the air as other delegates arrived and walked through the chambers. I felt the pressure to represent the freedom-loving individuals who had sent me to St. Charles, Illinois with the dignity, respect and courage they deserve from me.

On the first evening, November 11, we conducted opening ceremonies and had some heated debate about when to keep the live audio feed on, whether to allow or disallow laptops and communications to the outside during broadcast parts of the proceedings, and the adoption of the rules of order. After speaking with Jeff Williams, my fellow Washington Delegate, I found out we were in agreement. We both had no issues with everyone around the world being able to hear everything we were saying and/or doing during CC2009. We also discovered there were delegates among us who did not share that passion.

The next two days were the most frustrating in the entire process. Many delegates had arrived at CC2009 with their small one agenda “pet project” in mind. Some of them even, throughout the entire 11 days, never budged from that one agenda or idea. As for myself I went to CC2009 in hopes that with over 100 passionate patriots present we would be able to come up with solutions to help the people back home who had the desire to return to the life of a truly Free People. A large group of us realized that if we were to accomplish anything we would have to take care of it in committees. That way the larger body with so many differing opinions could more quickly come to some general consensus as to the words we would choose and actions we would discuss.

On the second night I chose to get involved with the Peoples Action Caucus. It was a caucus formed by those of us who were yearning for action that could be taken by the Free People of this land. The Mission statement of this caucus was, “Arming the people with recommendations for local actions that are not contingent on government cooperation, so that they can experience the inherent right to be free.” This inspired me further to continue my focus on the recommended civic actions of every committee I chose to sit upon. I worked on the 2nd Amendment committee, the 16th Amendment committee and the Public Debt committee. The rest of the Congress from that point forward was an absolute blur. I found myself waking up around 5:30-6 am and retiring at 2-3 am every day. I believe I slept around 30 hours during the entire 11-day period. There was so much to do and so little time to accomplish it.

What was hardest for me to stomach were the “weak knees” of certain delegates at this critical time in history. They wanted to soften the language, feeling that we were picking a fight with the tyrants who would have us be their slaves. I am of the mind that they (the tyrants) picked that fight. We are merely awakening free people to the fact that there is already an ideological war waging. The time for political correctness is long past. During the Congress there were echoes reminiscent of the Founders’ words: “Either we will hang separately or we will hang together.” I, as well as many others, shared that sentiment. It is time to stand up and stand firm. The few lawyers who were elected as delegates wished to recuse themselves of any perceived threatening language within the documents we were creating. This came to light soon after the Preamble to the final document, “Articles of Freedom,” was read by my fellow Washington delegate, Jeff Williams.

I would personally like to thank all the patriots who made this event possible as well as those who nominated me, voted for me and supported my family and me during the Continental Congress 2009. I have returned home with many new freedom-loving friends from all over this great nation. I personally believe CC2009 created the standard for freedom-loving people to rally around and stand behind so that we may take our country back from the tyrants who would have us be their subjects. The time is now for us to take the actions necessary to reclaim our power and rights as Free People. I would encourage all freedom-loving Americans to study and come to their own understanding of the declarations and suggested civic actions brought forth by the CC2009 body. Stand up and be counted among the new revolutionaries who will return us to a free Nation, of the People by the People and for the People. ~

NOTE: All of the work that came out of Continental Congress 2009 will be available soon at

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