From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

The No Chippin’ Chickens Act: Coming to your state January 2010

The latest tirade coming from the idiocracy in Washington is the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Not content with inserting radio frequency identification (RFID) and tracking chips in everything else, the chip makers are now marketing their wares to the federal and state Departments of Agriculture. Chipping cattle, sheep and even backyard hens seems a bountiful, “stimulating” financial harvest for Digital Angel and their corporate allies. Farmers, however, will be a more difficult battle for them – especially if a group of America’s military veterans has their say.

The National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs (NVCCA) isn’t buying the “disease prevention” sales pitch of the chip makers. Aaron Bolinger, legislative director of the NVCCA, has been working with farmers drafting state-level legislation for the 2010 state assembly sessions.

“Like the Federal Real ID campaign, this newest push has nothing to do with ‘security’ or ‘disease prevention,’ says Bolinger. “It is about continuing to drive small, off-the-grid farms out of existence. The cost of registering a small farm, tagging all the animals, and increasing the paper-work burden will simply give corporate agriculture new advantages in the market.

“Furthermore, studies in animals with inserted microchips show that these radio-embedded devices cause cancerous cells to blossom around the chips themselves,” he says.

To counter the fowl-play, the NVCCA has released model legislation that criminalizes the implementation of NAIS and RFID microchips within any state that passes the law. In a two-pronged attack, the bill prohibits discrimination against those farms that refuse to comply with even voluntary, private database plans – and makes the insertion of an RFID microchip in an animal punishable under existing animal cruelty statutes.

“Deliberately causing cancer in animals that will enter our food supply is patent insanity,” says Bolinger.

Farmers seem to agree. Anger is building among many backyard gardeners and small operations. Even folks normally considered “radical left” in their point of view, when they discover that their half-dozen free-range chickens are equally subject to this Orwellian notion, rebellion is only natural.

The “No Chippin’ Chickens Act” is the newest component of the NVCCA’s “Platform for Liberty.” Among other model legislation aimed at restoring the balance of power in the direction of the citizen, this one promises to open up many other wounds felt by freedom-conscious Americans. The Platform for Liberty contains bills to curtail the abuses of “social services” officers against parents, to refuse federal grants unless tendered in gold/silver coin, and to restore paper ballots against the technology companies peddling electronic voting machines.

“My father’s generation did not fight the Nazi Axis in WWII to have ‘may I see your papers, please’ come home to roost in America. We don’t need a ‘Contract with America’ either,” says Bolinger. “We already have a contract – the Constitution – and both politicians and military officials have taken an oath to support it. NVCCA bills enforce the Constitution against agencies, corporations, and politicians run amok.”

The NVCCA has been active for several years fighting against the National ID card (Real ID/Pass Act) legislation, and has had some success rejecting the privacy-invading and expensive compulsory form of ID sought by Homeland Security and their corporate allies. For more information on the Platform for Liberty, visit (Documents page) or e-mail For those who do not have access to the internet and are interested in making sure the “No Chippin’ Chickens Act” is introduced in your state, get on their National/Regional Conference Call - Every Tuesday evening, 7:30 pm Eastern time 724-444-7444 (14259#). On this call you will be directed as to where to send a small donation for the tools you will need to make sure this bill is both introduced and passes.

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