Ukraine Plague: Millions quarantined, borders closed, mainstream media blackout

by Aaron Hudlemeyer

Ukraine, home to 44 million people and Europe’s second largest military, is a land renowned for its fertile soils and strategic geographical location. A motherland whose fields are stained with the blood of genocide and rife in historical persecution, Ukraine has birthed a culture of intelligent, healthy and well educated people committed to the remembrance of their heritage.

In late October reports began circulating about a virus moving rapidly throughout Western Ukraine causing thousands to fall ill with severe respiratory infections. On October 30 Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko ordered the Ministry of Defense to establish mobile hospitals to provide “essential medications” for people infected with H1N1. Nine Ukrainian provinces were then placed under quarantine as ordered by the Cabinet of Ministers including Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk and Ternopil, along with a three week closure of schools, universities and restriction on all “mass gatherings.” Shortly following, several border crossings were closed.

By the third week of November official Ministry of Health records listed over 1.4 million Ukrainians ill, 78 thousand hospitalized and a death toll, 315, that revealed a startling fact; this illness was spreading faster and causing more deaths than any other H1N1 pandemic. Sources from inside Ukraine tell a story at odds with these numbers as some blog about thousands dying and a “sense of panic” within the communities. According to Professor Viktor Bachynsky, head of the Chernivsti Regional forensic bureau, “the virus, which causes death, is very aggressive, it does not strike the trachea, but immediately gets into the lungs and causes heavy swelling and solid hemorrhage.”

An article from also reported the following from infectious disease expert Dr. Donald Lau: “The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus [is] infinitesimally small.” The article went on to say that the fatality rate is close to 0.5 percent and is “astronomically higher than the H1N1 virus in any part of the world.”

It seems that these reports are in stark contradiction to WHO’s official stance: “Laboratory testing in Ukraine has confirmed pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in samples taken from patients in two of the most affected regions. As the pandemic virus has rapidly become the dominant influenza strain worldwide, it can be assumed that most cases of influenza in Ukraine are caused by the H1N1 virus.” The official cause of death, as reported by the Ministry of Health and WHO, is “complications from influenza and acute respiratory infections.”

According to Professor Bachynsky, the reason why death comes quickly is “because people are going to pharmacies to get medicine instead of going to their doctors to be treated.” He notes that “antibiotics should not be used” and says the Ukraine pandemic virus is a mixture of H1N1 and parainfluenza which causes “viral distress syndrome” or “total destruction of the lungs.”

All this comes ahead of the January 17 presidential election in which Yushchenko, installed during the 2004 U.S.-backed Orange Revolution, faces certain defeat.

On one hand, President Yushchenko seemed to blame the pandemic on the people themselves, alluding to the resistance the vaccination program has been received from the general population. He then went on to discuss how poor their preparation was for fighting the first wave of the epidemic. On the other hand, he vetoed the law that would have allocated 1 billion Hryvnia (approximately 123 million USD) for the continued fight against pandemic flu.

There is much speculation as to the true nature of the infection. Some are reporting Pneumonic Plague; others are suggesting a mutated or recombinant virus; still others are sold hook, line and sinker on the H1N1 lie being distributed by the World Health Organization and Ukraine’s Ministry of Health.  And yet there are still more who believe this is a deliberate release of a bioweapon by elitists in line with their Agenda 21 population reduction plans.

Mainstream media has yet to pick up the story with minimal coverage in Australia, Europe and South Africa. This begs the question, what is really happening? Is this a clever ruse ahead of the January presidential elections or something more sinister? Are the Ukrainian people, once again, being targeted for genocide?

Aerosols Over Ukraine

Bloggers from Ukraine just a few days prior to the outbreak began writing about low flying aircraft were spraying unknown aerosols over the town of Kiev.  FTO South African News Blog reported the following:

“Five sources confirm this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area where planes were spraying the suspicious substance. Not only that, but local businesses and retailers were “advised” to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

“As if that is not enough, the government authorities also pushed the radio stations in Kiev to deny the reports. Online forum, website and blog reports came in about eye witness accounts that confirm this. There were also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.”

One blogger from the city of Lviv reported on October 31 that his mother, a city council member, received a text message from an associate telling her to stay inside and close her windows “because they will spray [something] in the air.”


On August 12, radio show host and investigative journalist, Dr. A. True Ott, received an off-air phone call from an anonymous Southern California man who claimed to have insider information regarding the planned release of a bioweapon from a Baxter laboratory in Ukraine. Dr. Ott, taking the call with a grain of salt, recommended that the caller take his information to a contact in San Diego, Dr. Bill Deagle. When the caller said that wouldn’t be possible, Dr. Ott recommended him to the state’s attorney general.

On August 13, the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI engaged in an 8-hour long stand-off with a man by the name of Joseph Moshe who is reportedly an Israeli microbiologist. The official story was that he had telephoned a non-emergency police line and made “threats against the White House.” Why anyone would pick up a phone and call the LAPD to make a threat on the White House is beyond logic. Was this Dr. Ott’s anonymous caller? At this point it’s all conjecture, but Dr. Ott “got the sense that it was the same man.”

Apparently headed for the Israeli Embassy, Moshe led the police on a car chase from Westchester to West Los Angeles. He was then blockaded by armored vehicles mounted with communications jamming equipment and police cruisers near the Federal building just down the road from the embassy. After withstanding four rounds of tear gas sprayed into his car by a robot, the police finally broke his window with a beanbag gun, tasered him and pulled him from the vehicle. According to an Associated Press report, police Detective Gus Villanuava was asked how a man could have resisted that much tear gas and he responded with “I can’t explain that, there’s no way to explain that.”

Mainstream media covered the standoff but has not done a single follow up story leaving room for much conjecture as to Moshe’s whereabouts and status.

Warning Signs

“...advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” – Project for the New American Century

In March, The I.O. printed an article titled “European labs discover flu vaccines made by U.S. company are contaminated with H5N1.” Baxter International had shipped its contaminated products from its plant in Orthodonau, Austria, to 18 countries and was caught red-handed when a Czech laboratory tested the vaccines on ferrets, which soon died. The WHO responded by assuring the watching world that a thorough investigation would be conducted. To date, no follow up has been done.

Don Nicoloff of uncovered a secret “Pandemic Plan Overview” document distributed amongst upper level executives of IBM France in 2006. He wrote the following:

“Disclosed in this secret document was the prediction of a ‘planned pandemic described as having a 100% chance of occurring within the next 5 years.’ “The document also describes ‘quarantine’ and operational procedures to be taken upon the official announcements of the ‘pandemic’ by the World Health Organization. The foreknowledge of such an event could not exist, unless the pandemic was a planned event. Certainly, this document is the ‘smoking gun,’ which demonstrates the current bird/swine flu ‘pandemic’ is an orchestrated event. “As evidenced by this secret document, IBM’s primary concerns are focused on maintaining their workforce, even under an official quarantine, and the continuation of sales and services to their clients. This single document definitively proves there is international, corporate collusion behind the ‘bird/swine flu pandemic’ and the intentional plan to create disease on a worldwide scale.”
A scan of the original IBM document can be found on his website.

On November 17, 2003, Global Security Newswire ( wrote an article titled “U.S. Scientists Warn CIA of New ‘Designer’ Biological Agents”: “The report, dated Nov. 3, describes a closed seminar held by the National Academy of Sciences at the CIA’s request... During the seminar, scientists warned that new biological weapons could include binary agents that would consist of two separate and harmless agents that would become deadly when combined, the report says. They also warned of agents that could become harmful when combined with a typical treatment, such as a virus designed to cause flu-like symptoms and then turn deadly when the infected person takes aspirin.
“The scientific panel also warned of a ‘stealth’ virus that could lie dormant in the infected for long periods of time and of engineered biological agents that could resist antibiotics, according to the CIA report. ‘The resulting diversity of new biological-warfare agents could enable such a broad range of attack scenarios that it would be virtually impossible to anticipate and defend against,’ the report says.”
A “stealth virus” that could “resist antibiotics” sounds a lot like the virus Professor Viktor Bachnsky describes after performing autopsies on Ukrainian victims when he says “antibiotics definitely should not be taken. Antibiotics are the reason we have such a high mortality.” (

Were the aerosols being sprayed into the air laden with biowarfare agents designed to invade the lungs of the population? At this point we can only speculate.

Meanwhile, the city of Lake in the Hills, Illinois hosted a mock Pneumonic Plague drill “in case of a biological terrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak.” Ontario, Canada also staged a large-scale Pneumonic Plague drill on November 7 with riot police, military and civilian counterparts at a local hospital. While these drills are not uncommon, the “plague” theme certainly plays well into current affairs.

Writing On The Wall

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people.  We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” – Prof. Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb.

The plan of global tyrants to condense the world’s population is readily available information. Aside from the UN published “Agenda 21,” here are two more reminders etched in The Georgia Guidestones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.”

There is no denying that the timing of this outbreak is coincidentally and conveniently in political favor for a President who is about to be “de-throned” by his people. This begs the question: Are the Ukrainians being used as pharmaceutical test tubes by an elitist regime in jeopardy or is this the beginning of a global epidemic designed to thin the population? Whatever the case may be, people continue to die at alarming rates as this contagion spreads.

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