A testimony for urine therapy

Hello, My name is Orlando Mora and I am currently serving a life + 110 year sentence for drugs that were never found on the basis of one man’s uncorroborated hearsay testimony. I’ve been locked up since 1998. However, I will be out soon by the Grace and Mercy of Almighty God. I am writing in response to an article that was in the January 09 issue of The Idaho Observer entitled, "YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE," by Martha Christy. I was so impressed by the article that I purchased the book. I've been studying alternative medicine under Dr. Joel Wallach for 8 or 9 years now, and in his books he endorses urine therapy. So I already knew about urine therapy, but Martha Christy's book went into great detail about it. Furthermore, I never thought about trying it until I got sick in my liver. I suffered for 7 month's with a lot of pain in my liver, so I decided to try urine therapy.
Within 3 days the pain in my liver started going away. I couldn't believe it, I was dumbfounded. Within 2 weeks the pain in my right shoulder that I've suffered with for 6 years was gone! I injured it working out in 2003, and with the years arthritis must have set in. I used to work through the pain, but now I work out with no pain at all! AMAZING! It also improved the bad circulation in my right arm. For years now, I used to wake up every morning and spend 5-10 minutes shaking my arm out, because it would be completely numb. Not anymore. I still have a little numbness some mornings in the tips of my fingers, but that's all.
I was surprised that her book documents that urine therapy cures hepatitis, cancer, HIV, diabetes, arthritis, polio, rabies and any kind of virus or bacteria. Your body creates an anti-body for any disease that you might acquire, but it doesn't create the anti-body until you have the specific disease that the anti-body is needed for, and these anti-bodies are secreted into your urine. Now that I'm well, I still drink a preventative maintenance dose everyday. I highly recommend if you are sick that you purchase her book.
I'm happy to report that I'm not the only one that's been healed. There are many sick people here dying of Hep-C, cancer and other ailments, so I made 20 copies of the article one time and then 30 copies another time and passed them all over the compound to people that I knew were sick. There is a 75-year-old friend of mine here in my unit with cancer, they have given him months to live. Praise God, he's doing much better. All kinds of people with Hep-C are doing much better. Unfortunately, some of the guys with Hep-C told the quacks in the Medical Department that they were doing urine therapy; besides them denying that it was of any use, now no one that they suspect here of doing urine therapy can even get a doctor's appointment, because they don't want to give any documentation that those doing the therapy are better. Go figure, who needs them? I've watched many inmates die over the years because of these fakesters in the Medical Department. I only wish I had known about urine therapy two years ago when I watched my good friend Bill Lanter, a freeman from Montana, die a slow and painful death from Hep-C, and these people did nothing to help him.
For those who cannot afford the book, here is what you do. Catch 1-4 ounces of morning urine. Urinate the first part out to wash out your urea tube, catch the middle part of it midstream and urinate the last part out. All you want is the middle part of it.
If you have cancer, drink all of it for a few weeks, then back off to 1-4 ounces. And, if you have cancer, you want to change your diet, no more fried foods or carbonated drinks, especially not the diet ones. Carbonation neutralizes your stomach acid. No Tums, Rolaids or any kind of antacids; they are to be avoided. Ingest nothing that has caffeine or burnt animal fats. Fried foods cause free radicals. Boil your meats. No pork. You also must purge your intestines with fiber powder, 2 heaping spoonfuls 3 or 4 times a day for life. Drink one ounce of hydrogen peroxide twice a day in 8 ounces of aloe vera juice or orange juice. Peroxide is liquid oxygen. Germanium and Selenium are also 2 minerals that fight cancer. Germanium oxygenates the body and Selenium is an anti-carcinogenic agent. Cancer and Aids cannot live in an oxygen environment. More can be said about cancer, it is very curable. But space is limited. Write me if you need more info about cancer at my address below. And/or go to, www.drjwallach.com. Dr. Wallach is known as the mineral doctor and has taught me how to prevent and reverse over 400 kinds of diseases.
God Bless you all. I hope this helps.

Orlando Mora – 
Florence, CO