Operation White Terror

I, Uwe Jensen, a “dignified former European politician” have for the last two decades worked in the USA on energy and environmentally friendly projects. In the practice of my profession, I met, among others, a Colombian-Venezuelan engineer (CR) and a former East German naval commander.
Only when I was arrested and shackled in November, 2002, did I realize that the German and the engineer were involved in complicated negotiations concerning fictitious Russian weapons, South American cocaine, and American dollars, invented to entrap other Colombians and me in a well orchestrated "sting" operation.
Thirteen months earlier, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent passage of the Patriot Act a month later, this operation, termed "Operation White Terror" by U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, was touted as indicative of the tightening U.S. grip on worldwide terrorists, when actually it was an entrapment conspiracy involving Russian military contacts and the CRs’ paramilitary friends in Colombia.
I had taken the East German to the Arnold Palmer Golf Club to meet my Colombian CR part-time boss because of a supposed Russian energy connection.  Little did I realize that I inadvertently and innocently set into motion the wheels that would later crush me and others.
Always known as a staunch anti-communist and anti-terrorist, to the extent of participating in European anti-terror legislation, I would surely have backed away from this fictitious, totally imaginary $25 million deal, had I known it for what it was. The facts are: there were no weapons, there were no drugs, nor was there any money exchanged. There was only one year of "talks" and 1500 pages of "consensual" tapings by the German FBI snitch who was given unlimited access to phone, computer and wire-tappings by the Patriot Act. I put quotes around "consensual" because the German "allowed" them.
This was the beginning of the end of "Operation White Terror." I am now serving a 14-year sentence in a Texas Federal prison. The whole story about "Operation White Terror" is available for downloading as a E-book under "An Extraordinary Life: http://an-extraordinary-life.com." Enjoy reading the story.

Uwe Jensen, Beaumont, TX