Fish Oil Solution

Thank you for your article “The growing epidemic of antidepressant drug abuse.”
I suffered from depression as I fought the IRS in the ‘90’s and was later diagnosed (incorrectly) with bipolar disorder.  From 1998-2005 I was placed on multiple “cocktails” including Lithobit, Zoloft, Depatote, Tomomax, Scroquil and others.  In 2005 I read about the Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital study on depression, bipolar and other disorders.  They supplemented Omega 3’s in massive doses (6000-8000 mg/day) and had astonishing results.
I went off the meds, cold turkey, in July of 2005 and took 8000 mg/day of Carlson Fish Oil.  I did not have any problems adjusting.  In August 2007 I was incarcerated (unlawfully albeit) and did not have any difficulty being off of the fish oil. 
When I get out, I will once again take fish oil (as we can’t get it in the Feds), as it is not only good for our brains, it is good for our hearts.  I believe 1-2000 mg/day is sufficient for a normal person.

Stephen Barker
Big Spring, TX