Nobel Joke

When we learned that B. Hussein Obama, Jr. was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, I and others thought it was a joke.  Being true, it was hard to believe.  It was so outrageous, absurd, ridiculous and unbelievable.  It was not only an embarrassment to America, but to the world.  The people are mortified.
It was political.  The committee of five that chose him are leftist politicians, political elite.  They knew what Obama believes.  That is why he won.  Obama said that he is a citizen of the world.  Obama is for a One World Government and supports the United Nations.  The committee is anti-America.  They elected an anti-American man and gave him the prize for trashing America and his future successes in dismantling and destroying America.  He is shepherding it.
How could Obama get the Peace Prize when he is fighting three wars:  Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.  After he got the award, we learned he already had ordered 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan and now many more will follow.  He has 8,000 U.S. troops in Pakistan that is known.  Also, he has been bombing Pakistan and killing many civilians. Obama is a warmonger.
The Nobels were given for work that’s a decade old or more, but not anymore.  Given to Obama it shows how meaningless the Peace prize has become.  It was a stupid prize, beyond reality.  It diminished the prize.  Obama did not deserve it, as he did not earn it.  Obama is an Affirmative Action Nobel winner.  He got it from his fan club in Oslo, the Nobel Peace Committee.
The Nobel Peace Prize is overrated.  Just look at all the evil people who have received it over the years.  It is not a prize of honor.  To get it is a disgrace.  The Nobel Peace Prize will never be taken seriously as it was in the beginning.  The Nobel committee have made fools of themselves and further devalued their prize, if that is possible.
The nomination deadline was only 112 days after Obama entered the Oval Office.  So, you know that the peace prize was in fact, a fix.
If B. Hussein Obama, Jr. has any humility or sense of propriety he would refuse to accept this Nobel Piece Prize.  He doesn’t and won’t, of course, and the peace prize will continue to be a very telling and bad political joke.  It is a sad day for America and the world.  Alfred Nobel must be turning over in his grave.

Ray F. Dively, Baden, PA