Invisible Government

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has come to be known as “The Establishment,” “The Invisible Government,” “The Rockefeller Foreign Office”.
Behind the front of the apparent Government of the United States with its legislative, executive and judicial branches there is another government made of powerful people in finance, industry, law, media and banking, who exercise power behind the scenes in the direction of public activities and foreign relations.  Until 1947 this ill-defined but nonetheless real force exercised its power through the constitutionally established government, but with the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency by President Harry Truman, “The Establishment” secured in essence it’s own executive arm. “The Establishment” now uses the very powerful executive arm of the CIA to carry out their plans.
It therefore is not Congress, not the Senate, nor the President who runs this country, but it is “The Establishment” using the CIA to get the job done. Think not? Then why did they kill President John F. Kennedy?
Because JFK would not go along with their plans and allow these people to run this country and covertly run the politics of other countries as well. Without the CIA to carry out their plans wouldn’t this cause “The Establishment” to loose their stranglehold on the United States and other countries as well? Although there are several other very important reasons to murder JFK, wouldn’t this be motive enough to kill him?
Take for example that he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and had started the process.  The International Bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank and loan all the money to the United States, have control of everyone’s finances.  And whoever controls the money controls the country and they don’t loan money without collateral.
The facts are truth.  They would lose control of the United States without the monetary system of the Federal Bank they established in 1913.These are just two examples of Motive for Murder of President John F. Kennedy.
Since this is no longer a constitutionally controlled government but a dictatorship by the rich and powerful. I believe John F. Kennedy had the right idea to abolish the CIA.  He vowed to “cut the CIA into a thousand pieces and throw the pieces to the wind.”
To do your part, remember that the Congress of July 4, 1776 wrote, “it is our right, it is our duty to throw off such government”. We are governed by “The Establishment”.
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Doug Lloyd, Gallatin, Missouri