P-HARM-a flu  sacrifice

Dear Editors, Leaders, and Citizens,
Will you please allow me to intrude into your thoughts for a few minutes? This is knowledge of very critical importance. Some of you know what a precarious situation we are in and that it is speedily getting worse, but it is feared the majority don’t have a clue, except that the economy is bad and money is tighter. We need an awakening that our freedoms are vanishing.
For many years it seems the greatest propaganda ploy of the power elite is break-necking the build-up of its long sought goal. I have studied this long and diligently. It will be a great paradigm shift for most to believe that the elitists who are in control have long taught us lies for truth, and are in firm control of education as to what can or cannot be taught. Government, businesses, and truth is covered and changed to suit their agenda. They have us believe they are our Saviors in white armor. The hardest thing to realize is that they have conspired to purposely delude us.
Think about it—we've been taught that health can be poisoned in and disease poisoned out with sly-ing, lying, deluding words—the direct opposite of the Lord's directions to us. The Scriptures have warned us that in these days good would be called bad, and bad good, to deceive us if we are not careful and spiritually discerning. We are being primed and prepared for a perilous pandemic. How can they predict such a thing? They know because they are the ones who will cause it.
The Lord warned us of them the very ones He spoke of in His Holy Scriptures - the evils of conspiring men. They know that it is through the corruptive weaknesses of the physical body and mind that they can acquire and easily gain control of people because none of us like misery and pain, so they teach a false doctrine of curing that fills us with toxins and poisons that palliate for a while, but which changes our body chemistry to the point that it can be called another disease. They get richer by creating other drugs to delusionally cure it also. They have laws that protect us from the truth, for their worst fear is that we will find it: God's laws of health and healing, be always well, and never needing expensive poisonous drugs.
We, like sheep have all gone astray, and are in great need to prayerfully study God's laws of health-healing. He wants us well. When I can’t sleep at night I read or listen to the radio where I heard on Fox news that they are no longer going to count the new cases of flu, but only state that it is increasing. Even though there are many reports of damaging after-effects and deaths occurring in those who have already gotten ‘their’ flu shots, they have put into law that the makers of the vaccines will not be held liable for any damages or deaths.
They have already told us there will be hundreds of millions of deaths, and thus that also there will be hundreds more millions who have been damaged many permanently. Can any of you hearing this (it has even been in public news) think of anything more criminally insane?
They seem to think because they warn us that even though they force us to take the toxic witches brew, that they will not be held accountable for any harm done. And then when most are either sick or dead their laws are already in place to have total control over us. This is no fairy tale. It is their demonic, created pipedream coming true. They can now glory in their hundreds of billion$$$ or trillion$$$.
What a marvelous, devious trick they created, put in place and slipped to us while we slept. All of the many immense hospitals they have built in the past few years can all now be filled with the vaccine poisoned dead and dying. Any flu that has not been artificially created by vaccines is not severe, if left to nature and not treated with drugs, but fasted using pure lemon water and vitamin C for several days. Many doctors do not want to participate in this deadly hoax and hopefully will come forward in strength (even though the wrath of the p-HARM-aceutical and drug cartel may try to come down hard on them). It will not hurt them with the many citizens coming forward, to support and speak out against this horrific outgrowth of ancient sorcery and child sacrifice.
The true records show it was the mass vaccinations that killed and maimed the millions world-wide in 1918. It is the vaccines that make the diseases more severe, not milder. Vaccination is their Big Bio-Bomb to win their war against our freedom so as to try to take their place of honor in the "New World Order."
That is not going to happen if everyone will rally and stand up for truth and freedom. They will again fail to create a real pandemic although they who are already vaccinated will have to have special, natural care to be healed.
We do not have health care, we have disease care.

Ellenn P., Liehl, Utah