Hardin, Montana sans APF:still being considered for GITMO detainees

By Aaron Hudlemeyer

Since The I.O. last covered American Police Force’s (APF) bid to manage Hardin, Montana’s still empty, 460-bed jail in October, the project has ceased and all ties with APF have been cut. As a matter of fact, APF never existed, legally anyway.
APF front man, Miodrag Dokovich, aka “Captain Michael Hilton,” is a convicted felon with at least seventeen aliases and owes $1.1 million from fraud judgments in California. Although APF was never a formally registered corporation, the town of Hardin has no criminal complaint against Dokovich.
This is of little consolation to the Two Rivers Authority and the taxpayers of Hardin as they sit on a $27-million default bond and an empty detention center. While APF is out of the picture, the Obama administration is still considering the Hardin facility as a candidate for ‘warehousing’ the GITMO detainees.
Some 215 prisoners remain at Guantanamo Bay and no timeline for a decision on the new location is being presented. Other sites being considered are in Florence, Colorado and Thompson, Illinois and the Obama administration has discussed the option of sending some detainees to other countries.