This war is not conventional

Conventional guns and bombs are no longer necessary to win wars; they are merely vehicles for multi-billion dollar high-yield return investment opportunities for military industrialists and their buddies in the reparations business. The real battle is now being waged inside our bodies. Why kill your enemies when you can chip them and continue to harvest their energies while their minds and bodies are under your remote control?

by Don Harkins

An incident that occurred last fall prompted an investigation intending to prove the existence of a “weapon” capable of implanting a biochip. The search revealed the ID Sniper™ – reportedly manufactured by the Danish firm Empire North.
The website at  [now at] claims the ID Sniper, “…is used to implant a GPS microchip in the body of a human being, using a specially designed, high powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector. The microchip will enter the body and stay there, causing no internal damage, and only a very small amount of physical pain to the target. It will feel like a mosquito-bite lasting a fraction of a second.”
Empire North also claims its ID Sniper can take “a high-resolution picture of the target” at the same time the chip is fired because the highly sophisticated weapon comes with a scope that contains a digital camcorder with a zoom-lens. “This picture will be stored on a memory card for later image-analysis,” Empire North says.
Additional searches showed that the site has links going nowhere and made claims that it had been exhibited at various trade shows throughout the world.
Both Alex Jones at InfoWars and IndyMedia had also publicized the ID Sniper and admitted to being taken in by a hoax.

My own experience

I am not sure. I believe the site is a red herring intended to make people like us who take the bait look stupid while snipers are out there in the field chipping people.
Last fall I was splitting wood when I felt a momentary twinge in a muscle on the left side of my back just below the rib cage. I just went on with what I was doing and didn’t give it a second thought.
Two weeks later, some friends came over and we were using an instrument called a “zap checker” to see if any of us had been implanted with biochips. The zap checker is a very sensitive device that can detect the emission of a wide range of frequencies including those that come from TVs, radios, computers, cell towers-and biochips.
Most of my body had been “scanned” by a friend using the zap checker with no indication of anything out of the ordinary. When she came to the exact spot on my back where I had felt that twinge two weeks before, the zap checker’s meter spiked, indicating the presence of something emitting a frequency.
I then recalled the twinge and put two and two together – I had been “chipped.” We then taped a magnet over the area and, two hours later, the chip no longer registered on the zap checker.
So, the Empire North site may be bogus, but the description of how it would feel to be hit with a chip was exactly what I experienced while chopping wood. Evidence that it was, indeed, a chip that I had received was proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt by the zap checker two weeks later.
Strange as it may sound, the zap checker finds chips in many of the people we scan. The chips are usually located at an injection site or where a surgery was performed. Last April the zap checker located a chip in the exact place a friend of ours had received a flu shot (even though she knew better) a couple months before.
Empire North claims the ID Sniper has been discussed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Though no evidence of such a discussion is readily available, one last paragraph on the website describes the type of weapon a paranoid technotyranny like the U.S. government would want:
“As the urban battlefield grows more complex and intense, new ways of managing and controlling crowds are needed. The attention of the media changes the rules of the game. Sometimes it is difficult to engage the enemy in the streets without causing damage to the important image of the state. Instead EMPIRE NORTH suggest to mark and identify a suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabling the national law enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in the weeks to come.”