The rest of the story – the passing of Don Harkins

By Ingri Cassel

RFID sniper rifle
The image above was originally published with the article titled This war is not conventional, depicting a microchip implanting sniper weapon. There remains some question as to whether this is an actual weapon or a hoax perpetrated to give the "image" of the shadow government operator's potential — a psychological operation.

As some readers and friends have accurately surmised, Don Harkins was more than likely murdered. While assisting in putting out the Sept. 2009 edition of The I.O., I was still in a state of shock dealing with the aftermath of Don’s untimely death. Now that I am getting my bearings, it is important for me to recall incidents and events as accurately as possible so that you, too, will have an understanding of the technology being used today against dissidents who are effective in multiplying the resistance against the New World Order.
In Spring 2004, while Don was outside chopping some wood, he believed he was micro-chipped from a distance. There are a lot of trees where we live, so it could easily have been done by someone hiding out in the woods bordering our property. Don recalled the incident in the article below that is reprinted from the July 2004 edition of The I.O. About two years later, during the winter of 2006-7, Don was startled by negative thoughts beaming into his brain. He was rounding our stairwell to go upstairs when thoughts he would not have thought on his own told him that his work was a waste of time and that it was useless for him to continue on as though he could make a difference. The thoughts were also intended for him to feel insecure about himself. He was so upset by the incident that it took him an hour to tell me what had happened.
Once Don had the chip in him, there was also the possibility of sending frequencies through the chip for creating the form of “cancer” he was diagnosed with. Using the term cancer for what Don had is not as accurate as saying that he was suffering from an abnormality in the blood cells being produced in his bone marrow, causing an explosion of malformed white blood cells. This can be triggered in a number of ways, but I tend to believe that it was likely due to a frequency beamed into him using the chip in his back. Several people who have equipment that can accurately read energy from a distance told us that Don was under attack. A few even used the term Satanic attack.
When Don returned home after his hospital ordeal where he died and came back, he was full of hope and determined to live through this latest test. On Sept. 17 he was detoxifying from the chemotherapy and weak but recovering. He was able to see into the next dimension and didn’t always understand what he was seeing so he spoke to his Father, asking for clarification and guidance. He was excited to share with me his revelations and was extremely grateful for this second chance. On Sept. 18 a neighbor and friend came by around noon to help out and heard a high-pitched sound emanating from the back of our basement office. No one else could hear it. She then explored the area for the source of the sound that was above her head (where Don was convalescing) and was astounded we couldn’t hear it. She happens to be a woman who often detects and sees things no one else does, and is always accurate.
Later that evening, right after I went to bed, we received a call that Don was being micro-waved with a beam at the level of 400-600 roentgens of radiation. He passed away about six hours after that phone call.
Although I cannot give anyone hardcore proof of the above, it is what I feel in my heart and soul to be true.