The Editor’s Desk:

These have certainly been challenging times. After last month’s reality check, we are doing our best to both deal with the loss of The Idaho Observer’s founder, editor-in-chief and leader to the spiritual realms. Here in the denser reality on earth, the staff is still working out a more usable system to streamline communication, submissions, and simply get more organized. Don Harkins truly was The Idaho Observer and is still a source of inspiration for the rest of the staff, as he was for our readers. As his wife who worked closely with Don on The I.O. for the last 10 years, I have become the main editor. Although I will not be able to duplicate Don’s efforts exactly since we both complimented and augmented each other’s talents, I am seeking guidance each month from our Creator, Don and the rest of our staff as we move forward in bringing you timely news stories and other important information.
We have been gifted with so many beautiful letters and heartfelt condolences – a real testimony to the numbers of people whose lives were touched by Don Harkins’ dedication and sincere caring for all those who contacted him for assistance. Each card and letter has been very special – touching on both Don’s friendship as well as sincere sympathy towards me. It was also moving that most of our readers realized it was due to our loving relationship dedicated to service work that enabled us to pass the same loving, nurturing energy onto our fellow friends and patriots who were then empowered to “pay it forward.” I must admit that I have been most touched by the many widows we have known and had no idea they had lost their true love and partner in this life. Their touching letters are even now bringing a new batch of tears to my eyes. One such letter has strengthened my faith more than others. The card was from a local elderly woman who lives alone. She told me how she lost her true love in her early 20s due to an unfortunate car accident. She was left with two children. Nine months later she bore their third child, a daughter. She never remarried and is one of the most amazing women I know.
It is more than apparent that tragedy also brings strength of spirit through faith and trust in God. Even Don marveled at the strength I mustered in dealing with all I have been dealing with – strength I never would have had without the prayers and support from our family of friends. All of you, our readers, and my faith in God during these times of incredible changes have helped carry us through.
Thank you all for your generous donations, faith in my ability to continue The I.O. along with Don Harkins’ dreams and aspirations, and faith in our dedicated staff – Anne Wilder Chamberlain, Hari Heath, Jason Werde, Patricia Aiken, Chris Hinkley, Robert Carrillo, and Shelly Johnson. We in turn are committed to improving the content and quality of The I.O. as we move forward in these uncertain times.

For God and Country, No Matter What,  ~Ingri Cassel