Swine Flu Pandemic Hype – numbers don’t add up

In July 2009, the CDC ordered state labs to stop testing for H1N1 swine flu, using the rationale that since the government has already confirmed there is an epidemic why waste resources on testing? Some public officials disagreed so CBS News went to state labs and obtained the numbers. CBS reported on October 21, 2009 that in California, 13,704 test samples from suspected swine flu patients were analyzed. Only two percent turned out to be swine flu while 86 percent tested negative for any form of influenza. In Georgia, out of 3,117 test samples only two percent had swine flu. In Alaska, out of 722 test samples: swine flu – 11 percent; seasonal flu – 6 percent; negative for all forms of flu – 83 percent. In Florida, out of 8,853 test samples, 17 percent were positive for swine flu. Curiously, the package insert for Novartis Pharmaceutical’s H1N1 vaccine admits that the vaccine is only effective in preventing the swine flu in 50 percent of recipients. Why take it?