Israel threatens to quit peace talks over UN war crimes

Binyamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is upset that Israel might finally be held accountable for war crimes in Gaza. How long will the world continue to tolerate its primary source of state sponsored terrorism? Israel and its Mossad are behind the perpetual Middle East conflict; 9/11; the USS Liberty and countless covert operations around the world.

A furious Israel said it would not continue with the peace plan if the UN Human Rights Council endorses a controversial report condemning the Jewish state for war crimes during the Gaza offensive in January.
Britain is planning to abstain in the vote, the Times reports, prompting a heated telephone call between Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Gordon Brown on October 14.
Mr. Netanyahu reportedly urged the Prime Minister to oppose the resolution, saying that it could derail the peace process.
During what officials described as a “robust exchange”, Mr. Brown said Israel could avoid censure if it held its own inquiry into the Gaza offensive. Today’s vote in Geneva could prove a major headache for President Obama, who has made Middle East peace a pillar of his foreign policy.
The resolution chastises Israel for failing to cooperate with a UN-ordered fact-finding mission into the December-January war in Gaza.
In the report circulated last month, the investigators led by South African jurist Richard Goldstone accused both Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas of war crimes in Gaza, but were overall more critical of Israel than Hamas.
Israel has rejected the charges in the report and says the Human Rights Council resolution – drafted by the Palestinians with Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tunisia, on behalf of non-aligned, African, Islamic and Arab nations – threatens peace efforts.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would not be able to take “risks for peace” if it could not defend itself from attacks on its citizens.
“It’s important for the principle countries, outside of this automatic majority of the United Nations, to say we are not taking part in this. We know we should act otherwise,” he said.
U.S. officials said last night that as the resolution stood, they would vote against it. [No surprise here since the international bankers and Israel own the U.S.] With no state in the 47 member council holding veto power and the majority lined up behind the Palestinians, the resolution looked set to sail through.