Honoring Don Harkins

I was unprepared to receive the September I.O. and find out that my fellow warrior has gone to walk with his Ancestors. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, and know that his battle-hardened samurai also shed tears with you. This world is a lesser place without Don. At the moment I discovered his death, I honored my friend in the old way, by shouting to the Heavens to be aware that a Warrior is on his way home. Please accept these embossed envelopes to help cover the cost of Don’s Memorial Notice.

Jack L. Frederick
Chillicothe, Ohio

Editor’s Note: Our P.O. Box has been stuffed with similar heartfelt condolences. I am extremely grateful for the years we had together, and am deeply moved by each person’s expressions of how they have been touched by the Spirit of Don Harkins. It is a great reminder to us all to continue positively influencing our fellow patriots as Don did so well for so many years. (IC)