Thanks for covering plight of the Browns

The July 23, 2009 edition of The Idaho Observer was fantastic. Besides thanking you for putting out a wonderful paper, I wanted to commend you for including the story regarding Ed and Elaine Brown.
Even so-called alternative papers such as The American Free Press completely ignored the Browns’ plight. Granted, it was not a major event, but dedicating a paragraph wouldn’t have been impossible. As a political prisoner myself, one of the most frustrating aspects of the patriot media is their short memory. There are always plenty of people to yell, “charge!” but so few to offer any type of aid when you are bleeding on the ground. The I.O. is not guilty of this since prisoners are always represented on its pages and even possess a special section (a very good idea, by the way).

Live Free or Die,
Jason Louis Gerhard, Fairton, NJ

Editor’s Note: While we appreciate the accolades, it is difficult for alternative presses to report on all the injustices that come into our respective offices. The AFP covers a lot of stories that we are not able to and vice versa. This is why we encourage readers to support as many alternative pubs as they can afford to. (IC)