Historic 9/11 Debate with Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV

Compiled by The I.O.

Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV
Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit to debate 9/11 events on French TV October 28, 2009.

You have until October 28 to learn French because French TV France 2’s “L’objet du scandale” with Guillaume Durand will air a historic debate over the official version of the events of September 11, 2001.
There will be four experts with the difficult task of defending the official story. The four panelists who are debating the official story with hard evidence are Jean-Marie Bigard,  Mathieu Kassovitz, Éric Laurent and special guest Niels Harrit.
This is already a victory for the Bigard/Kassovitz camp who challenged the French media to organize a fair debate over 9/11 after being vilified by many French journalists because of their positions on 9/11. Despite both being called names and even receiving death threats, no serious journalist was able to challenge them on their positions or make a case against them. Now will be their chance.
This time Bigard and Kassovitz will both be in very good company. Éric Laurent, journalist and international politics specialist, wrote a book in 2004 titled La face cachée du 11 septembre (The hidden face of September 11). He also wrote books about the Kosovo war, the banking system, oil, Iran, along with the worldwide acclaimed Bush’s Secret World: Religion, Big Business and Hidden Networks. Laurent appeared on the French TV talk show “Tout le monde en parle” with Thierry Ardisson in 2003, in which he defended his book on 9/11 in a 32-minute interview. The interview was responsible for waking up many French viewers due to the great questions and fair treatment by the host.
The fourth guest is Niels Harrit, the lead author of the 2009 published scientific paper entitled “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” along with scientists Kevin Ryan and Steven E. Jones. It will be Harrit’s first appearance on French TV.
This is huge victory for the 9/11 truth movement because the official U.S. government conspiracy theory is supposedly not debatable, according to Bush Jr., and now Obama.  The fact there is now a real open public debate, wherever that is, proves that the subject is debatable. And it needs to be debatable. The day we stop debating important topics is the day we surrender freedom. Not only is it debatable, but the 9/11 truth movement is growing faster than ever — worldwide — and nothing will stop it. We hope a fair public debate will soon move to the U.S. media. Pundits recently backed away from Charlie Sheen’s offer of a fair public debate on CNN’s Larry King. They can only be backing off from such a debate for one reason – the inability to actually defend with science and evidence the official conspiracy theory.