Tea Parties on Gun Rights held across the Nation

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Did you happen to notice on which side the Union is facing? What is the significance of the American flag "Union left"?

On 10/17/09, hundreds of openly armed people filled a Hudson, Wisconsin park on Saturday afternoon as part of an anti-tax and pro-second amendment rally. Openly carrying a firearm is legal in Wisconsin, in fact it is the only legal way to have a firearm there. “It’s our right to carry guns and I think everyone needs to know,” said a gun rally supporter.
Some came to the park hoping to change laws. “I’m here today to support hopefully getting a Conceal and Carry permit in Wisconsin,” said Spc. Alex Getty.
On 9/9/09, 20,000 TEA Party attendees heard the Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) question Republican gubernatorial-hopeful, John Kasich, on gun rights in Ohio. Gun owners across the U.S. and in Ohio have long questioned the one blemish on former US Congressman Kasich's Second amendment record - his 1994 vote in favor of Bill Clinton's "Crime Bill," which outlawed several types of commonly owned firearms. Mr. Kasich's decision to break with party lines became the deciding vote.
Kasich gave a typical politician response to the questions - that hindsight is 20/20 - the Crime bill "didn't have any impact" and "[he] is as strong as anyone is [on expansion of firearms rights] and will continue to be that way."
Gun owners in Ohio have been happy with the current Governor who helped the legislature pass SB184, Ohio's Castle Doctrine bill, which included positive changes to Ohio gun rights laws. BFA initiated the tea party to support gun rights candidates for future administrations.
Meanwhile, gunblast.com, an online gun magazine, is establishing the "Gunblast Tea Party" to connect concerned citizens with events in their region, to make a collective loud voice in Washington and in their state regarding the errant practices within the current political administration, and to work with the NRA to insure that our Second Amendment rights are not infringed.