We the People sponsors 2nd Continental Congress November 8 – 22, 2009

The next step for a free people – to defend, not amend, the Constitution.

Where: Pheasant Run Conference Center St. Charles, Illinois
When: November 8 – 22, 2009

Ironically, we find ourselves in the same position the Founding Fathers found themselves in 1774. Like them, our rights and fundamental laws are being violated by our government. Like them, we have petitioned the government for redress of these grievances. Like them, our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. And, like our Founders in 1774, meeting as the First Continental Congress, we seek redress, not revolution. In short, the FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS was convened and now Continental Congress 2009 is being convened as a result of government’s violations of the law and its refusal to listen and respond to petitions for redress.

Where:  Pheasant Run Conference Center St. Charles, Illinois
The purpose of Continental Congress 2009 is to determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance.

Format Of Continental Congress

There will be an Opening Ceremony and Banquet on Sunday, November 8
The Congress will convene on Monday morning, November 9 and continue through Friday evening, November 20, 2009 with check-out on Saturday, November 21, 2009.  There will be a closing ceremony for delegates, faculty and staff on Friday, November 20. All proceedings will be broadcast via worldwide web stream at www.cc2009.us
We hope to have summary updates given in the morning and evening of each days’ deliberations for viewers.
There will be fifty-one tables, one for each state and The District of Columbia, in the meeting room. Each table will provide space for three delegates from that state. If there is enough interest from state legislators to observe, there will be mirror tables behind the delegate tables for each state to provide seats for legislators. There will be a galley for registered media to observe as well as an area for interviews.
All states will meet together in the same room. The meetings will alternate between delegate deliberations and briefs by Constitutional experts on the provisions, mandates and restrictions of each area of the Constitution. There will be breakout meetings as deemed necessary to accomplish the agenda and as decided by the delegates.
There will be a Congress chair, vice-chair, and sergeant in arms. Congress delegates will agree on a set of rules and policies guiding the sessions. There will be a parliamentarian and a stenographer who will record all sessions.
Time limits, daily agendas and schedules are to be determined. The group will be kept on a schedule for deliberations, briefs and discussion, with ample time provided to consider recommendations, actions and outcomes.

The Broad Agenda

Specifically, the delegates will consider:

Outcomes Of Continental Congress 2009

The outcomes of Continental Congress 2009 will be determined by the delegates at the time of the meetings. There is to be no attempt to influence the outcome nor to pre-empt what must be a fair and honest deliberation of The People at the time of the Assembly.
We concur with the views of Dr. Edwin Vieira with regard to CC2009:
“The delegates must be open to a full, fair, and frank discussion of all credible points of view, with the goal of creating a documentary and testimonial record of indisputable facts from which to draw legal conclusions and upon the basis of which to propose responsible courses of political action. The delegates should be bound by no rigid prior agenda that they must follow, no preconceived conclusions to which they must agree, and no unalterable plans for future actions that they must adopt. All decisions of the Continental Congress as a whole must be made by open and recorded roll-call votes.”
It is imperative that all freedom-loving individuals get involved in taking back our country. To become a county coordinator and support your state’s elected delegates, go to www.cc2009.us.