Iowa Readies to Mandate Quarantine

A "Facility Quarantine Order" that details how people who have been exposed to the H1N1 Swine Flu will be quarantined is raising alarms across America. The document, issued by The Iowa Department of Public Health was not intended for distribution and may possibly represent a contingency plan on the part of Iowa Health officials. A quick overview of the details confirms some people's worst suspicions that government authorities are actively preparing for the possibility of mandatory confinement of Americans in FEMA Quarantine camps.

The language of the order suggests that anyone even "suspected" of being exposed to the H1N1 Swine Flu due to "contact with a person with Novel Influenza A H1N1" will be subject to confinement. There is no mention about the results of any medical test that would confirm or deny the existence of H1N1, only an order to lock someone up based upon association or contact with an un-named person.

Concerns about the possibility of forced vaccinations are also particularly troubling since a similar quarantine will be imposed upon anyone refusing a vaccination.

The precedent for violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens by rounding them up against their will during an "emergency" is already well established. During WWII, 120,000 Japanese Americans (as well as some Germans and Italians) were rounded up and "quarantined" for the duration of the war in cramped, unsanitary conditions based upon nothing more than their ancestry and a "perceived threat". This latest document sends a clear message to the citizens of Iowa and potentially all working class Americans: the possibility of involuntary quarantine is already in the pipeline, based upon nothing more than one's association or contact with other infected individuals.

The document is currently available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at the link below: