G20 Protesters Blasted by Sonic Cannon

Pittsburg G-20 Summit
This Dees Illustration depicts the events of the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sound cannons were used against demonstrators by a militarized police who serve the commands of the elite globalists. The G20 met in secret sessions to plan a future for us. Or is it against us?

Pittsburgh Sept. 24-25—Using sonic cannons, tear gas and flash grenades, police created a near war-zone environment to disperse and suppress G20 protesters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sonic weapons or long-range acoustic devices (LRADs) are used by the U.S. military overseas to disable the enemy. LRADs can permanently damage the eardrums and may cause fatal aneurysms. Effective out to 300 meters, they emit a focused beam of sound. The G20 meeting was “protected” by a massive, militarized police contingent in full battle dress. Numerous surrounding police jurisdictions gave allied support to the Pittsburgh police battalions.

As has been the case with other G20 meetings, not all of the protesters were protesters. Video has emerged of police agents posing as “anarchist” protesters. These provocateurs and their violent antics tainted an otherwise peaceful demonstration, justifying the excessive police presence.

The G20 is a group of international government, financial and industrial interests that meet to plan their ongoing strategy to dominate world policy and politics. They fulfill the very definition of fascism. The inherent rights that would naturally acrue to free people were once again violated en mass by this deployment of militarized police power and weaponry.