Official perjury and wrongful conviction again...

I am Dr. Young Moon, M.D., certified both in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. I am wrongfully convicted because of the government’s lack of understanding of the specialized field of Cancer Treatment Drug Protocols. Additionally, the government-paid expert witness, Dr. Rothenberg, intentionally, willfully, and knowingly committed perjury under oath at my trial in December, 2005.

The U.S prosecutor and Dr. Rothenberg stated that I gave a partial dose of Procrit, a chemodrug that causes recurrence of cancer and is a potent cause death in cancer patients. In actual fact, Procrit is not a chemotherapy drug; it does not affect cancer survival, nor is it life threatening in any way. Thus, the Assistant US Attorney McIntyre and Rothenberg committed perjury under oath.

I was first indicted in 2002. My indictment was dismissed in June, 2004, but AUSA Mc- Intyre had me re-indicted by the Grand Jury with false statements three and a half years later, claiming I gave a false statement to agents at an on-site visit in 2002. The grand Jury re-indicted me with a charge of false statement...

Subsequently, in August, 2008, I revealed Rothenberg’s perjury which resulted in my wrongful conviction. AUSA and other licensed lawyers frequently manipulate and control both law and evidence in violation of fundamental basic law. Perjury is a criminal act against Public Justice. Recently, I have experienced that the majority of Americans who are incarcerated because of nonviolent crimes are deterred from obtaining jobs upon release because of their conviction. Instead of incarceration why not consider the alternative option of performing community services by utilizing the skills that many wrongfully convicted prisoners possess.

This is what I hope your influence can bring to bear on my own situation. My passionate dream is to build a cancer center to help terminal cancer patients. The longer I am incarcerated, the more that dream is delayed. Please help me to help others.

Dr. Young Moon, M.D.