Charlie Sheen opens 9/11 Truth doorway

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen raises the gauntlet for 9/11 Truth with “Twenty Minutes with the President,” a fictional interview with Obama.

Actor Charlie Sheen delivered a clever coup on the present Administration to open up the debate, and hopefully, a new investigation into the real causes of the events of September 11, 2001. Using a fictional transcript depicting a meeting between Mr. Sheen and Obama, entitled “Twenty Minutes with the President,” Charlie poses some of the paramount, unanswered questions about 9/11. With some tongue-in-cheek humor and a seemingly realistic dialogue, Charlie lays the questions, twenty of them to be exact, on the president.

Primarily written by Mr. Sheen, Alex Jones also helped craft the fictional discussion. Release of the transcript was through Alex Jones’ website, Allegedly, by mistake, or from difficulties uploading to his high traffic website, the text first appeared without the disclaimer that it was a fictional transcript. Early readers believed the meeting had actually taken place. A version with the disclaimer was eventually uploaded, but not before it garnered considerable attention.

Whether the initial version’s omission of a disclaimer was by mistake or intentional, it doesn’t matter—it worked! As Jones often says, it went viral. Major newspapers and broadcast media around the country picked up on the story, which, even if they gave it some negative reporting, opened up a doorway for 9/11 truth. The internet replicated Sheen’s transcript at the speed of a hundredthousand mouse clicks, challenging Jones’ bandwidth. Alex Jones went on the major syndicated radio show, Coast to Coast, to explain the missing disclaimer and discussed the contents and implications of Sheen’s fictional interview.

Charlie Sheen made several appearances on The Alex Jones Show, following the release of “Twenty Minutes with the President,” discussing the genesis of the project, 9/11 facts and issues and the mileage it was getting in the mainstream press.

Sheen and Jones made another announcement that will keep the effort to open up a new 9/11 investigation alive and well: They are offering a $10,000 prize to the best video produced using “Twenty Minutes with the President” as the script.

Sheen has not yet been granted an actual audience with Obama to present his twenty questions, but he is ready to do so anytime Obama will listen. Sheen also offered a challenge to debate any and all of the various 9/11 conspiracy debunkers or other proponents of the “official story.”

If you want an entertaining story questioning the events of 9/11, without raising the eyebrows of Homeland Security, search “Twenty Minutes with the President” on or, the search engines that don’t track you. Or, if you want the government to know how many people are aware that 9/11 was an inside job, use the standard google/NSA portal for your search.

Video producers, amateur and otherwise, can visit to find the contest details for video productions of “Twenty Minutes with the President.”