Utopian Health Care

If it really was about Health...

Finally, the people are out in the streets and at the “town hall” meetings making themselves heard. Who would have thought “Health Care” would be such a motivator. Record levels of protest and opposition to the government’s plan to “take care of us,” has spawned a new wave of activism.

We don’t want to be forced into a government-mandated plan, limiting choice and options. We don’t want our most private medical records installed into a federal database and made accessible to over 600,000 corporate entities and their employees. We don’t want to be lab rats for the Pharmaceutical/FDA cartel.

Many of us see this “Health Care” for what it is: The take over/amalgamation of the already overly dominating and profitable health insurance business; the direct and complete control of the medical industry—not just domination by the FDA, AMA, et. al. Call it what it is: Health Fascism!

It’s not about health care. It’s not about keeping you well and healthy. It’s a matter of total dominion over the subject and the exclusion of everything not under the health fascist’s control.

What if it really was about health? What would “Health Care” look like? If you went to a health care facility, what would you find there, in the utopian sense of a better world? There would still be an emergency room/trauma center to manage those critical, edge of life events. It might have different staffing and better devices for improved diagnostics and a more diverse array of remedy options.

The present model of healthcare: CPR--Cut, Poison and Radiate, would be relegated to the dustbin of history. Medical students would spend at least two years in nutrition class, not two hours or two weeks. The many alternatives, long suppressed by the AMA/FDA, big Pharma cartel would be given the green light for real scientific development and application--not the jack boot.

The emerging science of energy therapy would have its own department and an array of therapeutic devices, with full realization that we are as much energy beings, as we are chemical and physical beings.

To aid your doctor in diagnosis and treatment, the Iridologist would be just down the hall, across from the homoeopath, around the corner from the chiropractic wing with the massage center.

The acupuncturist will share a suite with the EFT practitioner. The colonic therapy unit will administer the credo, what goes in must come out.

The original Rife Technology would be rediscovered, tested, proven, enhanced and applied as a standard therapeutic device.

Since health originates in the mind, counseling, in many forms, would be an integral component of the new health care.

Light, food, juice, nutritional supplements and energy fitness will be the medicine of the future. The notorious “hospital food” will be gone. We’ll no longer have to go to Mexico or Switzerland to be “cured” with a healthy diet.

Replacing the gods of medicine with the servants of health, the pay structure will also change. Deserving decent compensation for their skills and services rendered, shall we pay the negative or the positive? Do we pay for all the tests, procedures and therapies actually administered, or do we pay to support our “Health Center,” that in turn pays its practitioners based on the number of people they keep healthy?

Does government have any place in all this? Is it a private matter, deserving our private support? Can such a collective operation operate on a voluntary, private basis? If it really was about health...