Don Harkins, American Idol

13 years ago I had a heart attack and died, but God noticed and sent me back after 4 blissful minutes with the vision of where Don Harkins got to go at 4:44 AM this morning. For our comfort 444 is the symbol Archangel Michael displays when present. I know he was there to guide Don.

I knew Don for several years before I first met him in the presence of Ingri when he was with her at an American Media Association organizational meeting in Phoenix. He had such a Joy in his heart and the brightest lovelight in his eye that I had ever witnessed, rendering him powerless to contribute to the agenda of the meeting. However, the powerful presence of Love in the room enlightened the others present to accomplish major forward advances of that agenda. I know that the same love light in him will forever shine on those of us left in the room.

In manís limited perspective of physical life, the 46 years that Don was with us physically seems short, however in Godís measure of accomplishment and Love, Don achieved the age of 210 and grew to be 10 feet tall. He earned his blissful reward.

To honor Donís legacy we must all continue his brave work of exposing the diaper-clad purveyors of darkness to the Light known so well to him.

I Love You Don and will strive to continue your noble work until the time finally arrives when I can once again laugh and share a heavenly cocktail in your presence.

Dennis Grover, American