From The Idaho Observer Staff

This edition of The Idaho Observer is dedicated to our founder and editorin- chief Don Harkins who passed away on September 19, 2009. A team of dedicated patriots and close friends have collaborated to make sure The Idaho Observer continues Don’s legacy of bringing you cutting edge news stories and inspiring editorials. Please be patient with us as we make this transition. Our vision is Don’s vision: awakening people to the truth of our predicament while inspiring readers to act positively in restoring our Constitutional Republic.

Don Harkins was 46 years young when he passed away in the space of love he created with his beloved wife, Ingri Cassel-Harkins, on Saturday, September 19 at 4:44 AM. Although his body died, his Spirit lives on and will continue to guide and inspire the ground crew left behind. While he will be sorely missed in the physical realm, our faith in our Creator and Don’s wisdom, passion, humor and optimistic, energetic spirit will always be with us.

Don founded The Idaho Observer newspaper in January 1997 to expose corruption in government, the court system and to restore our nation to its original republican form of government. In that same spirit, Don Harkins published and edited The Smallpox Alert! (2003), The VacLib Letter, newsletter for Vaccination Liberation members (2000 - 2007), The Artificially Sweetened Times (2004 - 2009), The People’s Income Tax Guide (2004), Advanced Scientific Health -- Your Guide to Elemental Healthcare (2005 - 2009), Common Sense II -- America Betrayed (2002 - 2009), Badd and Werse Meet Ron Paul (2009) and The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11 (2005 - 2009).

Don was well known as a gifted writer with an uncanny genius for headlines that both grab attention and summarize the article succinctly. Don co-hosted The American Activist (2003 - 2005), a radio show, with his wife and was also a popular radio guest and speaker, having a knack for thinking fast “on his feet”. Don will be remembered most for his infectious smile, communication skills, brilliant wit and laughter.

Don Harkins inspired hundreds of incarcerated Americans, many of whom were political prisoners and others who were provably innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. He cared deeply for each and every human being who crossed his path and prayed for guidance in communicating what needed to be said in letters he would write regularly between publishing newspapers.

Don Harkins was also involved in local activism, recently energizing the effort to stop fluoridating the City of Sandpoint’s water, supporting the Campaign for Liberty and numerous other causes over the years. Just before his passing, Don spent a great deal of his energy warning others of the upcoming H1N1 flu pandemic and likelihood of forced inoculations with the dangerous, experimental vaccines in production. He was a pivotal part of the development of, an umbrella website to help others “spread the word”. Don was an avid gardener and swimmer, taking advantage of every opportunity he was near a lake to swim half a mile or so. He loved the outdoors, relishing in gardening, harvesting herbs and camping out with his friends. He will be missed by his many friends, but we know that what he gave to each of us will always be part of us. He is still with us in Spirit, offering his humble, bright, even-handed guidance as we continue to follow his lead in fulfilling our shared mission in this life.

As Don would say, No matter what...