From the July 2009 Idaho Observer:

What you can do to protect yourself and your family from the likelihood of forced vaccination with an experimental (and possibly deadly) pandemic flu vaccine


Historically, the only effective means of protecting yourself from government tyranny is to awaken a majority of people in your community and state to the facts at hand and encourage their participation in the education of those around them as if their life depends upon it—because it does. At the same time, it is important to present the information you have amassed on the topic from both government and mainstream sources in a calm, rational manner. This is not to say that the topic of forced vaccination for the "greater good" isn’t an emotional issue since it most definitely is. But if we engage others on a level of emotion that brings up foundational beliefs where reason and facts are ignored, we will fail in our mission to awaken the people around us to the gravity of the situation we are facing. With this is mind, these are the steps we are taking to protect ourselves, our families, our communities and state from the federal government and WHO’s plans to initiate mass vaccination of the populace this fall. It is important to remember that the glitch in their plans will be when local public awareness is raised to a level where the administrators will not be able or willing to administrate the WHO/CDC plans.

• Work locally with existing groups where you or someone you know maintains membership—churches, Bible studies, homeschoolers and political/environmental/neighborhood watches. Ask for 10 minutes of their time at the next meeting to present a brief overview of what the Obama administration and HHS Secretary Sebelius have been busy doing since the WHO announcement of a Level 6 pandemic. Go to and for details to support your information. Download flyers and other pertinent information at After your talk, ask if you can get their help for a grassroots public education campaign. Hopefully, you will receive willing participation from those attending.

• Contact the Chamber of Commerce and get a list of service organizations and other active groups in your county. Call them up and ask when their next meeting is. Ask the group chairperson if you can have five to ten minutes to speak at their next meeting on swine flu pandemic preparedness. Make a list of groups, meeting times and dates.

• Go to for a sample short talk you can use for these meetings. You do not need to have a Powerpoint Presentation for this short talk but there is one available if you need one and are given more time to present this critical information.

• Write letters to the editor for your local newspaper. Make sure that several people are willing to do this so there is a choir of people speaking out against the swine flu vaccination in production. Develop your own and share it with or access sample letters to use there.

• Call into talk radio stations and bring up the Nuremberg trials where 4 out of 11 counts involved the experimental use of toxic inoculations without informed consent. See "The Nuremberg Code: It’s historical and contemporary significance" in the May 2002 edition of The Idaho Observer. Encourage listeners to go to

• Create your own flyer or download flyers and other information for mass duplication and dissemination. Keep them in your car, share them with people you strike up conversations with and post them on bulletin boards around town. Do NOT put in mailboxes or on windshields of cars. Instead, leave a copy or copies in waiting rooms, banks, post office counters, dentists’ and doctors’ offices, etc.

• Pandemic Flu Awareness Week is August 16 – 22. This is the main week for intense grassroots activism on the issue of mandated vaccination with an experimental swine flu vaccine. To be a part of this growing nationwide movement, call The Idaho Observer or Vaccination Liberation at (208) 255-2307.